This select group of students learn how to scrupulously analyze potential investments using the same financial techniques professional
investors use.

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Student Investment Fund
Wenjing Ouyang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Finance
Eberhardt School of Business
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Student Investment Fund

The Eberhardt School of Business offers a two-term class for MBA and undergraduate business students called the Eberhardt Student Investment Fund (SIF). Students are selected through a formal application process and have the ability to manage investments with 2.5 million dollars. The Bank of Stockton and its President and CEO Douglass Eberhardt, sponsors the fund.

Two hundred of the 9,000 business schools worldwide operate a student investment fund. In the Eberhardt SIF, students do research and evaluation, write reports, and make choices regarding where and how to invest the fund's money. This is not a virtual investment or portfolio; this is real money and real investments.

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Students participating in the Eberhardt SIF will be accountable to its board, which consists of the dean, the vice president of business and finance for the university, and four investment professionals. An annual report of their investment activities and results will be written by the students and their work, transactions, and report will be audited by an independent accounting firm, just like in a real investment fund.

The Eberhardt SIF teaches our students the importance of sharing their success with others. Each year, a percentage of the fund's net assets will be distributed to benefit the University.

SIF team takes 3rd place in the Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education Competition.


Professor Phil Zhu and students in the Eberhardt School of Business Student Investment Fund program recently traveled to New York City to attend the Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education (G.A.M.E.) II Forum, a global student investment conference. Students had a rare opportunity to hear from and interact with some of the top industry leaders in business and€ finance. The trip was sponsored by the Paci€c Fund and Eberhardt School of Business.

"Digesting the information and opinions from these prominent professionals provided insight far beyond the words of a textbook," says Rohan Dixit '12.

They also participated in a student managed portfolio competition and took a tour of Wall Street. During the competition, students presented the SIF's objectives, management style, holdings and economic outlook. The opportunity helped the students enhance presentation skills and created valuable exposure for University of the Paci€c. They also attended breakout sessions on various business fi€elds, such as Real Assets, Investment Banking, Property Trading and Wealth Management.

"Being able to meet these prestigious business people has provided new inspiration for me," says Ann Tran '12. "This trip has truly made a difference in my college experience."