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Center for Business and Policy Research
Eberhardt School of Business
Jeffrey Michael, PhD - Exec. Director
Thomas Pogue, PhD - Assoc. Dir.
Sacramento Office: 916.340.6084
Stockton Office: 209.946.2913

In the Media Archive

  • A September 16, 2016 article from The Sacramento Bee summarizes the surge in job creation in California and the Sacramento area.  Jeff Michael was quoted on the increase in jobs in California, especially when it comes to construction. Read more here. 

  • Jeff Michael was cited in "Sacramento median income rises to highest level in years," a September 15 The Sacramento Bee article. According to the article, Sacramento household incomes grew almost 5 percent last year, the quickest year-to-year jump in at least a decade. In addition, income gains primarily went to the bottom-earning 80 percent of households, causing income inequality in the region to decrease. Read.

  • According to an article in the Central Valley Business Times, "Secret report shows ongoing taxpayer costs for Delta tunnels," taxpayers will be tapped for at least $6.5 billion to help pay for the Delta twin water tunnels. Jeff Michael's response to the report is cited in article. Read. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in an article from The Sacramento Bee article titled "Thousands find work building and staffing Golden 1 Center." According to the article, the Golden 1 Center has been and will continue to a major generator jobs. Read. 

  • CBPR director Jeff Michael co-authored an opinion piece with John Kirlin in The Sacramento Bee titled "Delta tunnels proposal a muddled gamble." Read.

  • According to a September 7 Sacramento Business Journal article, the ITT Technical Institute in Rancho Cordova recently closed, leaving more than 400 students without an immediate option to finish their education. Jeff Michael was quoted in the article. Read. 

  • Jeff Michael was cited in a San Francisco Chronicle article titled "California farmworkers await decision on historic overtime bill" on September 1. If passed, the bill would grant farmworkers, who have long been exempt from many employee protections, the same overtime pay that other Californians enjoy - time-and-a-half if a shift exceeds eight hours or a work week exceeds 40 hours. Read more here. 


  • The Center for Business and Policy Research's latest report on the California Waterfix is the subject of an August 24 article titled "Brown's tunnels cannot be economically justified, says new study" in the Central Valley Business Times. Read. 

  • According to an August 17 Santa Cruz Sentinel article, the Bay Area has nearly three-quarters of a million tech jobs, 746,100. That number tops the prior record for tech employment, set during the dot-com era, by 21,000 jobs. Jeff Michael is quoted in the article. According to Jeff Michael, "today's tech sector is oriented toward the web, software and cloud services. A great deal of that old tech industry is never coming back." Read more here. 

  • In an article in Comstock's about the late Tim Egkan and his work in Stockton, the Center for Business and Policy Research was mentioned in the discussion about the impacts of Ten Space's Open Window project.  The CBPR estimates the project will bring in roughly $2 million in additional annual tax revenue for the city as well as create 872 new permanent jobs. Read. 

  • The Center for Business and Policy Research's recent forecast was mentioned in the Turlock Journal titled "County population expected to surpass 800K by 2060." The forecast estimates Stanislaus County's population will reach 571,139 by 2020 and 836,635 by 2060 and discusses other data related to the population and housing. Read here. 
  • The Center for Business and Policy Research (formerly the Business Forecasting Center) was cited in a Manteca Bulletin article on August 1 about the housing supply in the region. Read.

JULY 2016

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in a Capital Public Radio segment titled "Central Valley Communities Some Of The Fastest Growing In The State." According to the segment, San Joaquin County's population will reach the one million mark by 2039 according to a new study. Stanislaus, San Joaquin, and Merced Counties are among the fastest growing in the state. Read/listen here. 

  • The Center for Business and Policy Research (formerly the Business Forecasting Center) was cited in the San Joaquin County Business Journal article on July 22, 2016 about a recent study. According to projections from the study, San Joaquin County's population will rise most dramatically. It is expected to surpass the 1 million mark by 2040. It will jump from its 2015 population of 728,633 to more than 800,000 by 2030. Read. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in a July 22 Santa Cruz Sentinel article title "Job gains banish fears of hiring slowdown in Bay Area, Santa Clara County." According to seasonally adjusted figures, Santa Clara County added 3,500 jobs in June, the East Bay gained 200 jobs, and the San Francisco-San Mateo region added 3,400 jobs. "Despite the recent uptick, I expect slower but still healthy growth in the second half of the year and into 2017," said Jeff Michael. Read. 

  • On July 15 Jeff Michael was quoted in The Sacramento Bee article "Amazon bringing 1,000 warehouse jobs to Sacramento." Amazon announced that it will build an 855,000 square foot customer fulfillment center at Menlo Air Park. The article discusses the impacts Amazon has and will have on a variety of areas/issues. Read more here. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in The Record on July 1 about the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. Stockton Airport will receive a federal grant to help it attract and support new daily airline service between Stockton and Los Angeles. According to Jeff Michael, "establishing a hub and spoke airline through LAX is a major win for businesses and San Joaquin County," he said in the airport's press release. "In addition to direct jobs associated with the route, enhanced connectivity will drive productivity growth and make the region more attractive for business investment." Read.

JUNE 2016

  • News release from Pacific: The Bay Area Council Economic Institute released a new report on June 30 titled "The Northern California Megaregion: Innovative, Connected, Growing." The Center for Business and Policy Research contributed to the report. Twenty-one counties from the Bay Area, Sacramento area, North San Joaquin Valley, and Monterey Bay Area form the Northern California Megaregion. The report includes data, maps, and narrative about jobs, housing, goods movements, and economic trends. Read. 
  • The South San Joaquin Irrigation District's Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt a resolution that formally begins the eminent domain process against PG&E to take over their existing power delivery system within the district and enter the retail power business for themselves. According to Jeff Michael the move would save ratepayers in the three communities that will be affected $15.5 million in the first year alone. That amount of money will translate in 56 saved jobs and more than $7 million worth of direct economic impact to Manteca, Ripon and Escalon. Read. 
  • Jeff Michael was quoted in a June 20, 2016 Sacramento Business Journal article titled "Jobs report: Sacramento still a tortoise, not a hare." The article discusses job growth in the region and potential employers/projects moving to the region. Read. 
  • According to a June 17 Sacramento Bee article titled "Unemployment falls to 9-year lows in California, Sacramento" unemployment dropped to its lowest point in nine years, both statewide and in greater Sacramento last month. The figures suggested California's recovery is continuing to move forward despite signs of a slowdown on the national level. Read more here. 
  • Jeff Michael was quoted in a June 14 Sacramento Bee article about a recent announcement that ranks California as the sixth-largest economy; the number came from figures released by Governor Jerry Brown's administration. Economists cautioned against making too much of the global rankings, which seesaw from year to year and can be influenced by such factors as fluctuations in currency valuations. The strength of the dollar vs. the euro, for instance, was part of the reason why California jumped ahead of France last year. Read here. 
  • The University of California at Merced announced a $1.1 billion expansion deal involving public-private partnerships. The university is working towards a 25,000-student goal. According to CBPR director Jeff Michael, "A university impacts an economy in a lot of ways, especially a research university like they're trying to grow." Read. 
  • CBPR's recent forecast was the subject of an article titled "UOP Study Predicts Area Economic Growth" in The Escalon Times.  
  • An article from June 1 in the Sierra Sun Times summarizes the latest Center for Business and Policy Research forecast. Read more here. 

MAY 2016

  • The Record article "Logistics, e-commerce spark SJ County comeback" discusses the latest Center for Business and Policy Research forecast. The article focuses on the San Joaquin County economy. Jeff Michael was also quoted on the Central Valley economy, farming, and the upcoming minimum wage increase. Read 

  • According to a May 26, 2016 article from the Central Valley Business Times, the California economy will maintain steady growth despite a slight slowdown at the beginning of 2016. The article provides other summary points and highlights of the recent Center for Business and Policy Research forecast. Read. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in an article based on a segment from Valley Public Radio called "Will High Speed Rail Turn the Central Valley Into a Bay Area Bedroom Community." The segment discusses topics such as housing and commuting in the region. Listen and read here. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in The Record article "SJ infrastructure a boon and a worry." The article discusses infrastructure related employment and workforce and impacts to the area economy. Read. 

  • San Joaquin County posted positive job gains in April, with the Trade, Transportation, and Utilities sector leading the growth.  Jeff Michael discusses the latest forecast in this article from May 20, 2016. Read here. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in the article "Bay Area posts strong job gains, led by Santa Clara County" in The Mercury News which discusses the current status of the Bay Area economy. The Bay Area has experienced strong job growth recently.

  • A Center for Business and Policy Research report was cited in a press release for a new online graduate certificate program in Community and Regional Planning at Fresno State.

APRIL 2016

  • Washington Post article titled "San Francisco's Long Shadow" tells the story of San Francisco and Stockton. The article discusses the impact of the recession and housing bubble on Stockton. Jeff Michael is quoted throughout the article. Read more here. 

  • Jeff Michael is cited in an article from the Central Valley Business Journal on April 19, 2016 discussing the proposed bill that would require voter approval for construction of the Delta tunnels. The bill, proposed by Assembly Member Susan Eggman, would allow voters to know the true costs and benefits of the project. Read. 

  • On April 7, 2016, the Mercury News published an article describing how the lack of new housing units will undercut economic growth in Silicon Valley. According to Jeff Michael is quoted, the cost of living and housing are contributing to an eventual job growth slowdown in the next few years. Read more here. 

  • An article published by The Fresno Bee on April 4, 2016 discusses the faith and labor groups in Fresno that are enthusiastic about the new minimum wage bill. Jeff Michael discusses both the benefit to workers and the costs to local business. Read. 

  • Jeff Michael is quoted in The Mercury News article from April 3, 2016 titled "Bay Area job market evolved: 'Soft' tech jobs in, manufacturing out."  The article discusses the Bay Area tech economy. Read more here. 

  • The Modesto Bee article "Modesto businesses weigh in on state plan for minimum wage hike" discusses the reactions of the minimum wage bill and explores potential outcomes. Read more here. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in an April 1, 2016 article from The Central Valley Business Times on the California High Speed Rail Authority's decision to move its first building phase from San Jose - Merced to San Jose - Kern County. Jeff is quoted from a 2014 interview in which he described how much Merced stood to gain from high-speed rail.Read.

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in The Sacramento Bee article on April 1, 2016 discussing how parts of California that have an average hourly wage lower than the state average, such as Bakersfield, may be hit harder by the minimum wage bill. Read here. 

  • An April 1, 2016 Fresno Bee article summarizes Jeff Michael's discussion on the minimum wage bill. According to Michael, the increase may have both positive and negative effects on the labor force and the economy and could accelerate technological advances in the minimum wage labor force. Read. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in an April 1, 2016 Fresno Bee article about the potential impacts and outcomes of the minimum wage increase. Read more here. 

MARCH 2016

  • On March 31, 2016, The Central Valley Business Journal published an article discussing the potential impact of the new minimum wage bill in the Central Valley. The article makes use of CBPR's estimates on the percentages of affected labor markets in San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Merced Counties. Read. 

  • A March 30, 2016 KQED News segment, "What Could $15 an Hour Mean for Rural, Inland California?" explores the impacts the increase in the minimum wage could have on rural areas and agriculture. The increase could have more "seismic effects" on rural areas. Read or listenhere. 
  • Jeff Michael was quoted in a Lodi News-Sentinel article discussing the challenges to employment in agriculture and the economy in general in both San Joaquin County and California. Read more here. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in The Sacramento Bee article, "California's plan for $15 minimum wage could have huge effect" on March 29, 2016. The article discusses the pros and cons of the new minimum wage plan. Read more here

  • The Central Valley Business Times article from March 28 discusses the impact of the minimum wage increase on California. Approximately 77% of jobs worked by those 25 and over would be affected by the minimum wage increase. The Center for Business and Policy Research study on the minimum wage is cited. Read. 
  • A March 18, 2016 Sacramento Bee article discusses the decrease in the unemployment rate (statewide unemployment fell to 5.5%). According to Jeff Michael, the strong ski season could be one of the reasons for the increase in jobs. Readhere. 

  • According to an article from The Sacramento Bee published on March 17, 2016, despite the drought, California's farm industry kept growing and 30,000 jobs were added to the industry in 2015. Jeff Michael is also quoted in the article. Read here. 

  • A March 17, 2016 Tracy Press article summarizes the discussion on the local and regional economy from the State of the City event. For example, Jeff Michael, a speaker at the event, spoke about the economic growth of the Merced, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus Counties. Read here.  

  • Central Valley Business Times article"Governor's tunnels a poor investment say experts," from March 11, 2016 discusses a hearing that took place regarding people testifying against the proposed tunnels plan. Jeff Michael testified at the hearing about the financial and other risks related to the tunnels proposal. Read more here.  

  • Jeff Michael is quoted in a March 8, 2016 The Sacramento Bee article discussing the housing market in the Sacramento area. Read. 


  • The article "Vision up for a vote" in The Record discusses Ten Space's Open Window's project in downtown Stockton; the project is awaiting approval from the City Council. The CBPR is mentioned in the article regarding the projections released last year that would show the economic impact of Ten Space's projects. Read here

  • Jeff Michael was cited in The Record article "Outlook: Economic uptick provides bright outlook" on February 19, 2016. The article discusses the growth in economic activity in San Joaquin County and how a boost in the economy could mean an increase in consumer spending. Read.  
  • On February 16, 2016, Capital Public Radio ran a segment discussing the Cost of Living Index (COLI) with CBPR Associate Director Thomas Pogue. According to the COLI summary, the Stockton area is among the cheapest places to live in California. 
  • The Record published an article on February 9, 2016, highlighting the Cost of Living Index (COLI) in Stockton and Tracy. Data for the COLI was collected by the CBPR. Read .
  • Merced Sun-Star article highlighted the January 2016 California & Metro Forecast and discussed its outlook for Merced County. According to Jeff Michael, UC Merced influences the area economy. Read more here.
  • The Fresno Bee article "Reports anticipate economic growth for Fresno, central San Joaquin Valley" from February 2, 2016, discussed the CBPR's January forecast and its outlook for the region as well as an index from the Craig School of Business. Read more here.


  • A January 28, 2016 article from 4-Traders titled "University of Pacific: California and Metro Forecast: January 2016" discusses the latest CBPR forecast. The article discusses California's steady growth rate and how job growth is faster than the rest of the United States. According to the article, the Silicon Valley will see a slowdown in growth rates. Read the article here.
  • According to The Sacramento Bee article "UOP forecast: 'Steady but unspectacular' economic growth for Sacramento," Sacramento's job growth will be 2.3% in 2016 but will fall to 1.9% in 2017. Read more here.
  • The latest CBPR forecast was discussed in a January 28, 2016 article from The Record titled "SJ County to lead in job growth, topping even Silicon Valley." Read here.
  • A January 28, 2016 segment from Capital Public Radio discussed the latest California & Metro Forecast with CBPR Director Jeffrey Michael. Read and listenhere.
  • Jeff Michael was quoted in a January 28, 2016 article from the Central Valley Business Times. The article discusses the January 2016 forecast. One of the findings from the forecast includes the Stockton and Oakland metropolitan areas potentially leading Northern California in job growth for 2016. Read the article here.
  • On January 24, 2016, Jeff Michael was quoted in an article about the minimum wage in The Sacramento Bee. The article discussed the strengths and weaknesses of an increasing in the minimum wage. Read the article here.

  • CBPR Associate Director Thomas Pogue was mentioned in an article in the Central Valley Business Journal on January 22, 2016. The article announced the opening of a new air cargo service in the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. Read the article here

  • On January 6, 2016, The Record summarized the economic forecast segment of the San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's Business Forecast Conference. The conference included a number of speakers, including CBPR Director Jeff Michael. Read the article here.

  • The Central Valley Business Journal article "San Joaquin County job growth expected to continue" discussed the San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's annual Business Forecast Conference and discussed CBPR Director Jeff Michael's segment of the conference which was on the regional economy. Read the article here


  • San Jose Mercy News article from December 28, 2015 quoted Jeff Michael about the Port of Oakland. The article discusses the recent labor dispute, changes occurring at the Port of Oakland, and the arrival of a mega-ship. Read the article here

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in the December 27, 2015 Los Angeles Times article titled "Is the era of dam-building over? Backers of several major projects say it shouldn't be." The article looks at how the drought has caused campaigns for more water storage and discusses the costs of these projects. Read here.

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in a Sacramento Business Journal article "Pop the champagne! Sacramento recovers all jobs lost in the recession" on December 18, 2015. The article discusses how the Sacramento region is the last metro area to recover all jobs lost from the recession. Read the article here.


  • CBPR was mentioned in a guest piece "Empower our region through port" on The Record about how the NSJV label is an effective way to build an identity and power base for advocacy efforts and economic development. Read the article here

  • On November 27, 2015, Jeff Michael was quoted in The Sacramento Bee article "Sacramento consumers excited but cautious as they hit Black Friday." The article discusses the area economy and how shoppers are wary and cautious of their spending. Read the article here. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in the Sacramento Business Journal's November 13, 2015 article "Jobs are nearly back, but full recovery awaits the Sacramento region." Jeff predicted that the new downtown arena will spur significant business activity while Sleep Train Arena will become a redevelopment site with considerable potential. El Niño may also do the region a favor: "Hopefully we'll have lots of snow, and a big ski season." Read. 
  • The Sacramento Bee article "Jerry Brown's tunnels meet flurry of criticism but will it matter?" published on November 8, 2015 discusses the opposition to the Delta tunnels plan. Jeff Michael is quoted about the financing of the tunnels stating that the numbers don't add up. Read.
  • The Central Valley Business Journal's November 5, 2015 article "Delta tunnels project brings deluge of opposition comments" gives background information on the Delta tunnels project. Jeff Michael is quoted about the costs of the project outweighing the benefits. Read.


  • On October 23 the article titled "Lathrop: Flood concerns no joke" by the Manteca Bulletin discusses the 200 year floodplain that would impact Lathrop, Stockton, and Manteca. The CBPR did a project on the economic benefits of the reclamation project earlier this year. Read.
  • On October 22, 2015 The Stockton City Limits blog published a post discussing the 2015 North San Joaquin Valley conference and shares some of the data from the report. Read.

  • The Contra Costa Times article "Bay Area, statewide job growth slows, South Bay loses jobs" from October 16, 2015 discusses the Bay Area economy and cites comments by Jeff Michael on unexpected job losses. Read. 

  • The Record article "SJ County jobless rate hits 8-year low" provides information on San Joaquin County's unemployment rate. The rate for September 2015 was the lowest since September 2007. Jeff Michael expects the market to remain relatively strong. Read.
  • On October 13, 2015 The Modesto Bee article "Stanislaus County homebuilding could pick up in 2016" discusses housing permits data and estimates for 2016 for the area. Read. 

  • The Modesto Bee article "Index shows more jobs but lagging wages in north Valley" from October 13, 2015 highlights the Center for Business and Policy Research's 2015 North San Joaquin Valley (NSJV) Index. Read. 

  • The Record article "North Valley: Building a regional identity" highlights portions of the data and information covered in the 2015 State of the NSJV conference held in Stockton on October 13, 2015. Read. 

  • The October 9, 2015 Tracy Press article "Demand for distribution" quoted Jeff Michael. The article discusses the role of distribution centers in the economy and Tracy's status as a current host and potential future host. Read.

  • An October 6, 2015 article titled "Merced economy improving; forecast calls for growth" from the Merced Sun-Star cited CBPR's latest forecast and quoted Jeff Michael. Read. 

  • An article in The Sentinel on October 1, 2015 highlights some of the findings from CBPR's latest forecast. For instance "California's job growth is expected to hold steady at 3 percent through the end of the year, then dip to a more moderate 2.1 percent growth rate in 2016." Read. 

  • On October 1, 2015 The Fresno Bee's article "UOP forecast predicts continued growth for Fresno County economy" cites findings from CBPR's latest forecast. Read.


  • On September 23, 2015 The Record article "SJ County economy slowed in 2014" discusses GDP data released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Jeff Michael responds to the figures. Read. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in the article "Waterless California" in the Central Valley Business Times on September 21. The article, which is part one of three in a series, discusses the history of California agriculture/farmland and water.

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in The Fresno Bee article "Fresno County unemployment rate dips under 9 percent." The article focuses on Fresno County's drop in the unemployment rate. Read. 

  • Jeff Michael was quoted in "Pace of job gains slows sharply in Bay Area, California," an article by the Contra Costa Times on September 18, 2015. According to Jeff the Bay Area will continue to add jobs despite the recent decrease. Read. 

  • According to The Sacramento Bee's article "Sacramento area's income rises faster than state's, nation's," median household income in the Sacramento area grew 4% in 2014 from the year before. Jeff Michael discusses and provides additional data and comments on the economy. Read. 


  • The Calaveras Enterprise article "Calaveras employment back up to pre-recession level" from August 25, 2015 quoted Jeff Michael about employment in Calaveras County. According to the article, there has been an increase in the number of Calaveras County residents who are commuting or self-employed. Read.