Sacramento campus at nightOffice is located at 2988 35th Street, Sacramento California
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Services offered on our Sacramento Campus

All of us at Pacific McGeorge understand the stresses of law school. For this reason, we have two therapists on campus to help students manage the issues that law school may create or aggravate. Drs. Turks and Brody have a wealth of experience counseling law students with many concerns that may impact your transition to, or success in, law school. Students are often seen for anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship issues, substance abuse, or other problems. 

Our therapists are located at 2988 35th Street, Sacramento, 95817 and are on campus 3.5 days a week during the Fall and Spring Semesters (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon and Friday). During the summer months, therapy is available on Mondays only.

To be eligible for therapy, you must be a current McGeorge student or the partner of a McGeorge student attending couples' therapy. Counseling and Psychological Services does not bill your health insurance plan. Services are available to those who elect to pay the student health fee of $120/semester. Students who are not registered in the current summer term may attend sessions for a per session fee. Non-student partners in couples' therapy also are required to pay a per session fee.

To schedule an appointment please see Making an Appointment