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Frequently Encountered Problems with Course and Curriculum Proposal Forms

  • Lack of support letter(s) or signatures from other department(s) and/or college(s)
  • Inappropriate Title for courses - Maximum of thirty (30) characters allowed for short title and lack of match with the long title
  • Missing minimum grades for pre-req’s, courses and program requirements. If not stated, minimum grade will be set at “D”
  • Pre-requisites or co-requisites are unclear
  • No indication if course is new or revised
  • Missing effective semester or effective semester has already expired (lack of lead time)
  • Not clear if course replaces or duplicates another course
  • Inconsistency in university standard for lecture, lab contact hours and course credits
  • Incomplete approval signature(s) and dates
  • Measurable learning objectives are missing from syllabus
  • Incomplete text information
  • Lack of complete syllabus
  • Missing or incomplete information, such as department, major, progress towards degree statement, etc.