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Policy for Blended/Hybrid and Online Courses

Approved March 1, 2012


  1. A blended or hybrid course is defined as a course where a meaningful portion of the course is taught face to face and a meaningful portion of the course is delivered in an on-line or mobile learning setting(s).
  2. The following guideline apply to blended and online courses
    a.   Blended and online courses may be offered following consultation with the department chair, and must be approved by the appropriate committees including Academic Affairs. Approved courses being transitioned to blended/hybrid or on-line must be approved in the new delivery format
    b.   Blended/hybrid and online courses will be identified as such in the official schedule of classes and student will be made aware of any requirements for participation in synchronous class activities outside class session times indicated in the schedule
    c.   The course syllabus will indicate any software and/or hardware required for full participation in class
    d.  Ownership of materials, faculty compensation, copyright issues and the use of revenue derived from the creation and production of blended/hybrid and on-line courses, including software, or other media products shall be in accordance with the policy on Intellectual Property
    e.  Courses offered as online courses will meet all the standards for course approval
    f.   Students enrolled in online and blended course will have the same rights (access to advising, grievances, and all other academic rights) and have the same responsibilities expected of all students
  3. New on-line programs
    a.  Programs in which 50 percent or more of the courses are delivered online must be approved by WASC.