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University Writing Programs

Mission Statement

The goal of the University Writing Programs is to assist faculty and students at Pacific in the improvement of student writing within their majors and individual disciplines. We encourage active, engaged learning through writing-intensive courses that use innovative teaching methods in writing instruction and through tutorial support from the Student Writing Center.  We support all levels of writing in the various undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

University Writing is comprised of three distinct but connected programs:

Developmental Writing & University Writing Requirements

The Developmental Writing Program consists of a series of courses that fulfill the "pre-college" writing requirement. These courses are calibrated for students new to the university and are intended to provide instruction in the writing skills required for success as a college-level writer. For more information and a list of courses, click here.

Student Writing Center - Located on the 2nd floor of the Library

The Student Writing Center is a free tutoring service for all Pacific students in all programs. We can assist with any kind of writing project at any stage of the process. Our Center is staffed with highly-trained, knowledgeable undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally we offer a number of TEACHING RESOURCES for writing instruction, available in hard copy at the Center or electronically. For more information, click here.

Writing in the Disciplines

The University of the Pacific boasts that upon graduation, our students will be well-prepared to enter the workforce and to continue their graduate studies. Among the many reasons for this are small class sizes, practical experiences, and dedicated faculty - each of which contributes to deep student learning. Strong writing instruction is the core around which this learning is built. For more information, click here.

Contact Us

Eileen Camfield

Eileen Kogl Camfield
Executive Director of Student Academic Support Services

Eileen Kogl Camfield has a degree in English from the University of California at Berkeley and graduate degrees in Higher Education Administration and Leadership from the University of the Pacific. Since 1990 she has taught writing at many levels, ranging from grade 6 to collegiate. Working at Pacific for nearly two decades, she has been involved in the General Education seminar program as an instructor, curriculum designer, and faculty development coordinator. Her research interests include student writing self-efficacy development, writing assessment, and learning theory. As director of University Writing Programs, she oversees the Developmental Writing program, the Student Writing Center, and the Writing in the Disciplines program.

Contact Eileen for questions related to classroom-based writing mentors, writing assessment, faculty development, upcoming workshops, graduate-level writing support, orientation materials, or any other writing-related questions.

Melanie HashMelanie Hash
Manager  |  Student Writing Center

Melanie is a Stockton native and has been coordinating the Student Writing Center since graduating from Pacific with a B.A. in English in 2009. She has an M.A. in Educational Administration and Leadership with an emphasis in Student Affairs.

Contact Melanie for questions related to the Writing Center, to schedule an appointment in the Writing Center, to schedule a classroom presentation, or to schedule a peer review session in the Writing Center.


Janice Putman-Gonzales
Manager  |  General Academic Tutoring Center

Contact Janice for questions related to writing course placement, writing mentor hiring paperwork and timesheets.