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Mission, Purpose & Who We Serve

The mission of the Ombuds is to help support and maintain a healthy Pacific workplace environment where all faculty, staff and student employees are comfortable and empowered to voice concerns and raise questions regarding the Pacific workplace without fear of reprisal.


The Ombuds provides all faculty, staff, and student-workers with a confidential, impartial, independent and informal resource to resolve University related issues. The Ombuds is available for conflict resolution to any faculty, staff and student-workers on all three campuses, but does not serve students. The Ombuds listens, makes informal inquiries, offers options for conflict resolution and is an informal catalyst for positive change. The Ombuds also reviews University policies and makes recommendations for change and promotes discussion on university-wide concerns. Whenever appropriate, the Ombuds coordinates with other organizations within the University to provide professional development opportunities that support conflict resolution and other relevant topics.

The Ombuds continually endeavors to improve University of the Pacific "work-life" by offering a confidential, informal, impartial and independent resource to all Pacific faculty, and staff on all three campuses. It is important to note that the Ombuds supplements but does not bypass the University's existing resources and policies for conflict resolution.

Principles of Practice

Principles of practice guide the role of the Ombuds at University of the Pacific. They are the ethical standards by which the ombuds serves Pacific faculty, staff and student workers. The University Ombuds principles of practice are defined by four guiding principles (IOA):

For a detailed explanation of these principles of practice, please review the Ombuds Charter.

Who the Ombuds serves

  • Tenured faculty
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Full-time staff
  • Part-time staff
  • Student workers