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Office of Sponsored Programs Update

The Office of Sponsored Programs has released its latest Newsletter of Funding Opportunities for external funding.

Additionally, Senior Grant Writer Barbara Sasso urges all faculty to become familiar with and follow the new, stricter submission rules that, if not followed, could result in your proposal being rejected:  

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a helpful article last month that discusses the importance of knowing and following program-specific submission guidelines. Application guidelines are nothing new, but agencies are enforcing the submission rules more aggressively than ever.   

With an increase in the number of proposals to any given program agencies are using strict adherence to submission guidelines as a way to reduce reviewer burden by reducing the number of submissions that qualify. Checking for compliance with the submission guidelines goes beyond what the electronic submission systems check in terms of attachments and page limits. A proposal can be accepted by only to be eliminated when agency staff review the proposal for all other program-specific requirements. If those are not all met, a reviewer will likely never see your proposal.  

It is more important than ever to: 1) read the entire program announcement and 2) be familiar with the specific requirements of the program to which you are applying. The program requirements can be frustrating, but the staff at the Office of Research and Graduate Studies are ready to help. In addition to helping you navigate specific requirements, they are in the process of developing program-specific checklists for use while developing and finalizing a proposal to ease the burden of complying with each program's rules.   

To learn more, contact Barbara Sasso, Senior Grant Writer, at