December 9, 2020

Dear Pacificans,

Faculty, staff and leaders of University of the Pacific have been working tirelessly this fall to prepare for a safe return to all three of our campuses in January. But, as we wrote in our Oct. 8 announcement, our plans were subject to change depending on COVID-19 trends, underscoring our core principle that we will always put “health and safety of our community members first.”

Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases in all three of our northern California communities have been on a steady rise ever since. COVID-19 rates are at or are exceeding the highest levels seen to date. Within the past few days, government stay-at-home orders have been imposed in our three counties—San Joaquin, Sacramento and San Francisco—following the governor’s order last Thursday linking the actions to availability of intensive care unit beds within each county.

While disappointing, we have no choice but to remain in a mostly remote teaching and learning environment when we enter the new year in January. That means classes, labs, studios and clinics will be offered largely as they have been throughout the fall.

For students who applied for Stockton Campus housing, we will only be able to accommodate those who have limited alternative housing options. Our Office of Residential Life and Housing will contact you separately with details. Sacramento housing will be unaffected.

We will, of course, continue to closely monitor progress on vaccines, consult regularly with county health officials and track daily COVID-19 trends in all three counties. That information will help us determine when we will be able to safely return to our campuses. For your own research, you can follow the COVID-19 dashboards as we are. They are available here:

I look forward to conditions that will allow us to return safely to all three of our Pacific campuses. We will keep everyone up to date on our COVID-19 information website.

I also would like to take this opportunity to again pay tribute to our entire Pacific family during these enormously challenging times.

Our students have shown tremendous courage and determination, refusing to allow the global pandemic to stand in the way of their hopes, dreams and Pacific education.

Our faculty have tapped into their unmatched expertise and creativity to transform learning environments, shifting from traditional classrooms to engaging remote experiences for all our students, no matter where they are learning.

Our staff have worked tirelessly and selflessly, ensuring that our faculty can continue their inspiring teaching and students can continue their deep learning unabated, no matter what obstacles we face.

I have complete confidence that our students will continue to receive a superb Pacific education, thanks to the creative and inspiring efforts of our faculty and staff.

Stay safe and well. We will get through these difficult times together.


Christopher Callahan