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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Pacific Tigers Mascot

University of the Pacific's tiger mascot, Powercat, made his debut Jan. 22, 1999, following the introduction of the Pacific Tigers' new logo in 1998. In the two decades since taking over mascot responsibilities from his predecessor, Tommy Tiger, Powercat has been a very active member of the Pacific family and makes appearances in various community events. The much-beloved mascot is deeply active in campus life, dedicated to Pacific's educational mission and values and committed to keeping Pacific spirit high. He's a popular figure with children and families as well as with students, staff, faculty and alumni. 

Powercat even has his own book, Powercat, The Pacific Tiger.  (The book is available online at the  Pacific Team Shop.)  

Here are a few scenes from Powercat's scrapbook.  

Powercat in Spanos CenterPowercat knows his purpose
Powercat reads a bookPowercat loves kids
Powercat is a lab assistantPowercat with alumni
Powercat works outPowercat at commencement

The backstory on the Tiger team name and mascot
University of the Pacific first adopted the tiger as its mascot in the fall of 1908, when football replaced rugby at Pacific. The Tigers nickname evolved because the uniform jerseys and socks were black with orange stripes, making the team members look like tigers. They chose these tiger-striped uniforms because it made it easier for the players to identify their fellow teammates on the field.

Although "Tigers" had not been officially designated by university by-laws as an official mascot, by 1914 the term was used in both students and local newspapers to describe all of Pacific's athletic teams. "Tigers" was made the official college mascot as a result of the 1925 Associated Student Constitution.

The actual rendition of the tiger emblem has changed from the graphic drawing of a ferocious, roaring tiger in its earliest beginnings to the friendly "Tommy Tiger" caricature to the Powercat of today. The Powercat mascot followed the introduction of the Pacific Tigers' new logo in 1998 which is a dynamic and athletic personality that adds to the excitement of Pacific intercollegiate athletic events.