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Art Dugoni is my teacher, mentor, role model, and friend. Like his seven children, I feel as if I have lost my father. I remember joining the UOP Dugoni School family 29 years ago and meeting Dr. Dugoni like it was yesterday. This is an incredible loss for the Dugoni family as well as the school, university, and profession. We will continue to honor his legacy of excellence by the way we live and lead. We will continue his work of building a great school and a great profession. We love you Art.

—Nader Nadershahi

My last time to see Art was at the Legacy Ball on February 29th, 2020. While mingling at one of the cocktail parties, Art came over to say hi. The conversation went like this: “Burnie good to see you, Elaine good to see you too. How are your three sons?” He continued to mention personal details. Art never missed an opportunity to make you feel special or important. My best wishes and sincere condolences to all those reflecting on his amazing life.

—Burnie Atterbury 

Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni was a shoulder many stood on, so many will remember and carry on his legacy. I am sad and miss him, glad I got to see him at the last Alumni Meeting. We can all honor him by practicing his teachings. Quest for excellence. We love you Art!  

—Scott Kim 

Art's deep commitment to excellence, innovation, and distinction transformed the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry into a global leader in dental education. Truly a legend! I will personally miss the "out of the blue" emails from Art thanking for work done, acknowledging challenges, exuding understanding and optimism, and overall expressing appreciation for Pacific. He was not just an icon for the Dugoni dental school, but also a superb Pacific advocate. I will miss him. 

—Maria Pallavicini 

Art thought you were capable of accomplishing much more than even you did. And you worked hard to prove him right. In talking with alums and friends the last few days, we came to the conclusion he made all of us feel like we were his best friend and favorite. What a gifted individual! Pay it forward, walk in humanism and love. 

—Craig Yarborough  

Dr. Dugoni has shaped my approach to education and, more importantly, my beliefs in all humanity. His compassionate and charitable life will continue to impact my life forever. We have lost a legend. 

—Lory Laughter  

On my first day at the Dugoni School, Dr. Dugoni was described to me as "the Elvis Presley of Dentistry." Nearly ten years later, and it certainly proved to be an apt description. A rare individual, and a true privilege to know him. 

—Matthew Schueller 

As a student I was invited to speak to the ADEA college of Deans on "Students' Needs and Expectations In The Dental School Curriculum". Basically I was telling them how to do their jobs.  I remember looking down at the audience and seeing Dr. Dugoni sitting in the front row with the biggest smile on his face. That night he invited me to dinner where he told me how proud he was of me. "You told those old guys exactly what they needed to hear. Good for you!" I will always love that man.

—Sam Christensen 

Dr. Dugoni will always be the standard I hold myself to. Always serving, always learning and always looking for how to make our school, profession and world a better place. 

—Steve Truman  

RIP Dean Dugoni — Godfather “a man who is influential or pioneering in a movement or an organization” for dentistry, for UOP, for our class of ‘95. It was an honor to attend your 95th virtual birthday party with family & friends. Hope to pass on your help, humanitarianism and leadership — you touched us all!

—Lynn Watanabe 

He showed respect to our family, even though we had always treated the poor. Dr. Dugoni's quote which inspired my 30 years of service, "I love dentistry so much, I wish I could give it away." Thankfully, I have done this by never making a red cent. Primarily, this was done by accepting Denti-Cal, but also, later, by starting the largest free clinic on skid row of Los Angeles as an FQHC. Dentistry is a joy. I have lived out Dr. Dugoni's dream and have him to thank for this joy, unqualified. 

—David Campbell 

Thank you Dr. Dugoni! I feel honored and privileged to have had you as the Dean of UOP when I was a student there (1997-2000) and during my oral surgery training at Highland Hospital/Alameda County Medical Center (2001-2005). I owe my success to you and the dental school for how you revolutionized dental education. I hope you can rest easy with your lovely wife Kaye knowing that you made the world a better place. You will never be forgotten! 

—Kenneth Wong 

I joined the School of Dentistry in 1995 and spent three years that were the foundation of my success today under Dr. Dugoni's leadership. Those three years shaped my personality as well as the path of my professional career. RIP Dr. Dugoni.  

—Hasan Khajah 

When I walked into University of the Pacific in 1987 for my admissions interview the first person I saw was a tall grey-haired man. He looked important... I said “sir can you show me where the admissions office is”? He proceeded to guide me there. As students got on the elevator at each floor he greeted each of them by first name. Leroy Cagnone interviewed me then took me to meet the Dean. I said I guess we already met on the elevator! It was at that moment I knew I would attend Univ. of the Pacific! 

—Todd Shatkin 

I was in the class at P&S 1962 and Art was our sophomore operative instructor, Yes he was. However over the years we became close friends. Like anyone who met him admired him for his sincerity and integrity. As I moved through CDA Art was always there to give guidance. He also had a unique quality of remembering names. Incredible. It is a huge loss to the school and our profession. Will miss his emails. RIP my friend. 

—Lou Turchi 

Long-time friend, colleague, and shared dental politics. Did as much as anyone to promote University of the Pacific, the Dugoni School of Dentistry and the profession. Condolences to his extended family.  

—Lewis Specker

I never met Dr. Dugoni, but read his book Quest for Excellence: The Arthur A. Dugoni Story. It inspired me and changed my mind about what it means to be a dentist and leader. His powerful statements and outstanding leadership led to building one of the most advanced dental schools in the country. Thank you, Dr. Dugoni.

—Yahya Fouad

What I know of Dr. Dugoni is largely due to the legend and legacy he left behind. When I first started shadowing an alumnus of UOP, Dr. Jared Theurer, he first gave me a glimpse into the culture of the program, which was vastly different than what I heard about other programs! Hearing Dr. Dugoni speak, and later meeting and talking with Dr. Dugoni one-on-one, was a true honor. His commitment to humanism is still a driving principle for me in my practice. 

—Harold Henderson 

Dr. Dugoni was an icon. We were all so impressed he learned each of our names in the first days of school and 28 years later, still greeted me warmly. He was instrumental in making Pacific what it is. We were blessed by and benefited from his humanistic approach. Through his guidance & inspiration, we flourished as students and alumni. He inspired so many of us to become leaders of our communities, to be active in dental societies and to give back to UOP. He is a legend and will never be forgotten. 

—Christina Fantino 

I wanted to meet Art Dugoni as I had heard so much about him. I graduated in 1974A and was the Associate Dean at the UCLA School of Dentistry. We were at an ADEA meeting looking at posters. I tried to speak with him but he was always surrounded by people. Finally the chance arose and I introduced myself. He shook my hand and completely focused on me. No looking over my shoulder, no quick hello/goodbye. I could feel his presence and gentle power and realized what an extraordinary man he was.  

—Robert Lindemann 

From day one of dental school, always positive, inspirational, lead by example, and not only to be a good dentist, but a positive contributor to our community — the best person we can be. We lost a great one, but the legacies will live on. 

—Peter Liu 

Dr. Dugoni is probably one of the best public speakers. He spoke with great poise and brevity and with perfect speed and pauses. I remember the "be there and be there on time" speech first year. I still use his wisdom to this day. He had the power to capture all with sincerity and common sense. It was hard to refute what he said. After he left a podium or the room, he made you feel uplifted, positive and inspired. What a human!  

—Neal Patel 

I had the honor of meeting with Art earlier this year before I officially joined Pacific. Of course I had read all about him and his extraordinary accomplishments, but spending time with Art was simply magical. He was engaging, charming, witty, charismatic. That day he gave me wonderful advice on life, leadership and our university. I have reflected on those words many times already and will treasure them. The Dugoni School and its alumni, students, faculty and staff are the perfect legacy. 

—Chris Callahan 

Such an overwhelming number of feelings right now. I'm so very sad to learn of Art's passing. And I have such wonderful memories and earnest gratitude for his leadership, mentorship and guidance. The class of '82 is so fortunate to have been Art's first freshman class. Thank you, Dr. Dugoni. I know you are already overachieving in Heaven. 

—Joseph Dill 

Dr. Dugoni was legendary! He was an amazing influence who created an atmosphere of kindness, provided motivation to be the best of the best, and built a university that produced highly skilled capable dentists that were ready to conquer their future. We owe him much gratitude and hold him very dear to our hearts. His legacy will forever live on and we wish his family sincere condolences. Thank you Dr. Dugoni for all that you were and for all that you inspired us to be. 

—Krithika Chellappa 

Dr. Dugoni "Art" was my inspiration as to what a true leader should be. Art transformed our dental school by implementing humanism as a core value in dental education. He not only stood for excellence, but was compassionate, and instilled in thousands of students the importance of "giving back". Giving back to your school and community. He was a giant, he is irreplaceable and will live forever in my heart. 

—Sigmund Abelson 

I first met Dr. Dugoni around 1973. I was in middle school and my teeth needed braces in the worst way. My mom found Dr. Dugoni. From the moment I met him I knew he was the right dentist for me.He was so kind, gentle and patient I actually learned to love going to his office in South San Francisco. Truth was I had a bit of a schoolgirl crush. I’m in my 50’s now and I still tell my people “I am Dr. Dugoni’s patient and damn proud of that”. RIP Dr. Dugoni. 

—Teresa Gibson 

I will always remember Art as a champion of excellence with a focus on development of each student as a “true professional”. His focus on humanism was unparalleled. He was a dean’s dean and an exemplary gentleman who provided me with valuable advice during my years as a dean. Art will be missed by everyone who came into contact with him. 

—Charles Goodacre, Dean of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry 1994-2013

Dean Dugoni was a dynamic leader of the school, he had so much love for the school, he was always very warm to students and always bore a smile if you bumped into him in an elevator or a corridor. He really was a great role model for everyone. It's been 16 years since I saw him last but I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing. My deepest condolences to his family. 

—Mita Desai 

I will miss this wonderful man who taught me so much over the past nearly four decades. Art Dugoni was kind, generous and respectful. He was also curious and dynamic — a born leader. It was a privilege to know him well. My husband and three daughters join me in sorrow that his physical presence is gone, but we will keep his memory in our hearts. 

—Joanne Fox 

Graduated in the Class of '55 and at my 50th Class reunion in '05. Art came to our Class dinner. Walked by me and said "Hi Gerd". Hadn't seen him for 50 years. Amazing guy. 

—Gerd Wolman 

Dean Dugoni inspired me and countless generations of students, dentists and leaders to be the best versions of ourselves. I have sincerely and purposely spent my entire career living up to his challenge of giving back to our profession and communities. I am pleased that he lived to see that all incoming officers of the CDA Executive Committee will be Dugoni School graduates. That’s a testament to his irreplaceable greatness and influence. Condolences to the Dugoni Family. RIP Dean.  

—Carliza Marcos 

Dr. Dugoni exemplified the true meaning of humanistic. He was always ready to share a smile a laugh and never declined a picture. I am honored and humbled to have known him. His legacy and memory will live on in so many of us who were touched by his excellence. He was not only a great teacher, he was a wonderful human being.  

—Paulina Del Rio 

Be present. Be on time. Be a part of the solution. The 3-B's are just a small part of the amazing impact Dr. Dugoni has made on me and my professional life. He was a truly amazing man that gave so much to others, and never forgot to let one know his door was always open, as he always wanted to be a part of the solution to any situation. What a privilege it is to be a benefactor of Dr. Dugoni's kindness, enthusiasm and wisdom. May his legacy continue indefinitely! 

—Garrett Guess 

It was an honor to have Dr. Dugoni as a dean and our educator. Still remember his ortho lectures. It is a great loss for the entire dental community. 

—Minal Mehta

Dear Dr. Dugoni, you were, are and will always be an inspiration for me. You have touched so many lives in so many ways. I would consider myself successful if I could be even 0.1% like you. You will be missed Dr. Dugoni. Rest in peace sir. My sincere condolences to the entire family. 

—Vandana Sansoa 

Art was such a positive force for good and led with kindness and strength, a combination which earned my admiration for him many times over. He was always appreciative about the staff who work behind the scenes and made all of us feel special no matter who we were, or where we worked. I will very much miss his strength, leadership and kindness — and in short, I will miss him.  

—Ken Mullen 

It was November 11,1997 at the ADEA Deans Meeting in Tucson. It was my first year leading ADEA. I was at one of the initial sessions and there was a bit of political tension in the room. From behind me, a voice said, “Just be quiet and I will tell you what you need to know.” It was Art Dugoni and it was the start of 20 years of Art serving as a mentor. I learned so much from him.  

—Rick Valachovic, ADEA President Emeritus 

Some of my fondest memories of my relationship with Dr. Dugoni occurred when he would join the crew that prepared the crab cioppino for the first-year students. I loved the photo of Art wearing the apron that had the Greek and American flags on the front. I cherish the many handwritten letters I received over the years. Art, you made me a better person and a better dentist. Rest in peace my friend. 

—Kenneth Frangadakis 

I graduated from UOP in 1980. but have known Art since the 1960s. My family had a place at Lake Almanor next door to the late Dr. Jim Campbell, and the Dugoni family were frequent visitors and eventually bought the Campbell property. Art always had a smile when he was there and 20 years later when I was a dental student he still had that smile. My last memory of Art was getting in the elevator during a CE course in 2004, and he was already inside. He smiled and invited me up to his office. 

—Peter Komor 

Dr. Dugoni was a man to be admired and respected — and he was. What he accomplished for the University, the students, the future educators of our profession is unparalleled. Always polite to me and with that wonderful smile. I recall one day when I was at UOP to speak to the residents. He was there, smiled that handsome grin at me and MADE MY DAY. All he said was, "And hello there 'young lady.'" I'll carry that one forever, Art. 

—Rosemary Bray  

I am blessed to have known Art for so many years. I remember when he first met our dental school class in 1979. He walked into the lecture room and he was like a movie star! Charismatic, but most of all kind to everyone. He remembered details about everyone he met and he truly cared. When I joined the faculty at Pacific 10 years ago, I was fortunate to interact with him again. If we could all try to be a bit more like Art Dugoni, the world would be a better place. God bless him. 

—Molly Newlon 

Art Dugoni was my dean. He was also my mentor and first to share pearls of wisdom as I began my deanship. He has always been the consummate professional, example, teacher, mentor. He led by example in effort, energy and vision. He was a friend in time of need. 

—Brad Smith

Dean Dugoni had an amazing life and career as a practitioner, educator, leader, mentor and family man.  He tirelessly advocated for creating a humanistic culture in dental education, and the critical role of leaders to create an organizational culture that allowed everyone the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. He modeled behavior that I worked hard to emulate during my tenure as dean. I’m forever grateful for the influence Art had on me personally, and on the profession.

—Terri Dolan

Dr. Dugoni was a great influence on me when I was a young doctor and inspired me to be a leader for our profession. There will never be anyone like him and our profession was lucky to have such a visionary leader.  My sympathy goes out to the Dugoni family.

—Kurt Stormberg

As a member of the class of 1957, I remember in my junior year he was in charge of my amalgam specials. I used his technique for 60 years. I will miss his magnificent smile and kindness.

—Ed Bryan

He was the most personable of administrators. Many years after I graduated, he shared memories of me with my brother in law while on an Alaskan cruise. He was truly a people person. He will be missed!

—Barton Foutz

Art was so many things to us: a mentor and guide; a benevolent boss with high expectations; a constant supporter; a compassionate, visionary leader; and a dependable friend. Together, with his guidance, we moved the school forward every year. Remember how he made you feel when passing him in the hall, with that big wide grin and then checking in on how you were doing? Like a million bucks. He worked to make himself better every day and along the way, made us all better. He was an amazing person.

—Richard and Linn Fredekind

When I accepted the position at the ADA in 2009, he called my cell phone immediately and after asking me if I knew what I was getting into, advised me to live close to the ADA building — he knew it was a 24/7 career, much like his years as dean. I loved him as a friend and mentor, and will treasure always the signed copy he gave me about his career in his Quest for Excellence by Martin Brown. A life so well lived!

—Kathy O’Loughlin

June 14, 2017: The class of 2020’s last day of matriculation before we began, in earnest, the long and arduous journey towards becoming physicians. On that day, you sat down with us, telling us your story, sharing your experiences, and teaching us what humanism truly meant. I’ll never forget the feeling when you referred to each and every one of us not as students, but as doctors. You were and always will be an inspiration. Rest In peace, Dr. Dugoni, and thank you for being my hero.

—Aaron Schubel

No one topped Art for "instantly" learning and retaining names and faces! He did it so effortlessly, so naturally — always with that big Art smile and that Art twinkle, gleam, and occasional wink. Even dentists from "other" dental schools have commented on Art's uncanny ability to make you feel instantly welcomed, included, important, part of the family — like a close friend of many decades. A gifted and natural listener. A giant visionary many times over. To quote a hymn: How Great Thou Art!

—Arden Kwong

Dr. Dugoni has inspired and touched my life in way that left a lasting impression. I distinctly remember the energy in the hall when he gave us the warm welcome to the dental school. I feel fortunate to have met him. He will be forever honored and remembered for his legacy. 

—Hazel Trivedi

Dear Dr. Dugoni, 29 years ago, the first day of dental school, you cast your spell on my classmates and me with your empowering welcome speech. "Look to your right, look to your left and you will see your best friends and family for life." You congratulated us on attending the best dental school and made us feel SO proud for choosing dentistry as a profession. We promise to carry the torch and continue your legacy of excellence. In your honor, we will "go out there and make a difference."

—Nava Fathi

Dear Art, we had a plan to visit you today. I am sorry to miss seeing you. You are so very much in my heart. You gave me the best dental education in the world, and my wife. Could I owe you more? I will miss giving you a hug and kiss on your cheek. In 1982, you said, Mike, you’ll look back on this as one of your greatest times. I look back on those days and the many wonderful days since that you helped foster. I thank you for my life. With everlasting love, full of great moments and memories.

—Michael Fox

Thank you for all you did for me. There was always a connection since you and my father were in the same P and S dental school class of 1948. I had been meaning to visit you in Palo Alto to thank you personally... and WILL express those words to you when your final resting place is chosen. RIP.

—Alan Marcus

Dr. Dugoni's philosophy “We build people and along the way they become doctors” did wonders! His humanitarianism, leadership and consideration to everyone made the world a better place. It was a true privilege and great honor to have this true giant in dentistry and philanthropy, Dr. Dugoni, as part of my life! Rest in peace Dean Dugoni! Have a smooth flight to heaven to unite with your beautiful wife, Kaye! Your great legacy will live on! You will always have a place in our hearts!

—Marianae Apetroaei-Best

In their book, The Nine Virtues of Exceptional Leaders, Haden and Jenkins say the virtues are humility, honesty, courage, perseverance, hope, charity, balance, wisdom, and justice. Art Dugoni developed all of these virtues and was a visionary whose life’s purpose was to take dentistry to a new level of excellence. Art Dugoni led with heart and all of us were fortunate to know him.

—Howard Landesman, Dean Emeritus, Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC, Univ. of Colorado School of Dentistry

What I will miss most is that personal connection, your special gift — especially your visits to the D&P "corral" to see what we were up to. Sometimes you'd pull up a chair and visit for a while. You always had a nugget of wisdom, a story or a joke to share. We so enjoyed that time with you. It was a pleasure and a privilege for our team to help you create our last project together — the photo wall dedicated to your lovely Kaye for the Kaye Dugoni Room. RIP, and know you were loved by many.

—Sandra Shuhert

To this day, the mixed dentition treatment philosophy in orthodontics that Dr. Art Dugoni created in 1963 is unmatched.  When I spoke with him a few months back he smiled and said, "It works pretty well huh, now it can be enhanced with aligners!"  He signed his last email with me a month ago ... "If I touched your life and make a difference then I am fulfilled as an educator." Dr. Art, keep smiling and please give our Rosemary a big hug for me! 

—Jacob Zitterkopf

There is an apparent reason that our school is named after this amazing man. Arthur A. Dugoni is an extraordinary national leader in dentistry and dental education. He had a long-distinguished dedication and drive for progress in dental education. Dr. Dugoni was an amazing mentor and role model who leaves behind a renowned legacy. I'll always remember when he told me to "Make every day your masterpiece!"

—Mustafa Radif

If you lived at housing, you knew Dr. Dugoni had an apartment on the first floor by the mailboxes. One night, after night clinic, I was getting my mail and there he was at 9:00 pm, his door open, running on his treadmill. He said hi to me and we spoke for a few minutes. A simple interaction but one that stands out. He didn't have to have his apartment door open after hours. Whether at the school or after hours, he truly cared. He was a living legend who took the time to care. Memory eternal!

—Jamie Sahouria

No words to describe my admiration, respect and love for Art Dugoni. A beautiful person who furthered my life's dream of becoming an orthodontist. I am ever indebted and inspired to be the best I can be.

—Terry Cotterell

Dr. Dugoni's love for the profession shines ever so brightly. His philanthropic spirit inspired generations of dentists to give back by sharing their "talent, time and treasure." He was always available to give wise counsel. During a CDA HOD where he was the installing officer, I asked for his advice in running for ADA president-elect.  With a twinkle in his eye he said "Follow your instincts!".  Thank you Dr. Dugoni. Your spirit forever lives on!

—Carol Summerhays

I learned the importance of fundraising from Dean Dugoni during my tenure with him on the ADA Foundation. He was indeed an elegant gentleman who understood the value of supporting dental education. I am proud of my tenure as a dean because of his selfless advice to me on the value of philanthropic work with my alumni and focus on educating the next generation of leaders in the profession of dentistry. Thank you Dean Dugoni for your love and service to dental education.

—Leo Rouse

Dean Art Dugoni provided all of us with the ultimate model of a professional and personal life lived fully and well with integrity, honesty, compassion and dedication. We watched and benefited from his gracious, respectful manner; his ability to motivate and inspire others; his visionary approach to education and practice; and the kindness he shared with students, faculty, staff, friends, family and the community. I thank him for these gifts, and will always remember his uplifting spirit. 

—Dushanka Kleinman

The dental hygiene program at UOP is short and sweet: a mere 18 months, yet we had the opportunity to share several wonderful memories with Dr. Dugoni. He was walking through the clinic one day and on a whim, we asked to take a class photo with him. He graciously accepted and stayed around afterwards to ask us if we were enjoying our time in the program. He was very supportive of hygiene and we will always be appreciative of his genuine and inspiring character.

—Stephanie Tu

Meeting him for the first time, he was already larger than life.  In a ballroom of people - it was just me and him. Over time, I watched him. I listened. I learned. I got to introduce him at many dental functions. I held up his CV — the short 10-page one. I'd open: "He was President of CDA, President of ADA" — then I'd stop. "It's my pleasure to introduce . . . the Godfather of Dentistry for the Free World . . . and he has his hand on the other side." I . . . we . . . lost our Godfather.

—Steven Chan

I am so deeply saddened by the loss of Dr. Dugoni. Dr. Dugoni was a legend, both as an excellent educator and human being. I feel so proud of having been at the Dugoni School for more than 35 years. He will never be forgotten. He will always be in our mind and in our hearts. God bless his soul.

—Bahram Javid

I've lost my mentor, Dr. Dale F. Redig, and now the incredible Dr. Dugoni, in just a few years' time; I must be getting older. As a past CDA staffer for 28 years and UOP McGeorge staffer for 15 years, I have loved and followed Dr. Dugoni and Pacific for most of my life. I miss all of my dental colleagues and have many fond memories of Dr. Dugoni "in action" at CDA and ADA House meetings. God bless you, Dr. Dugoni, and you are in my prayers.

—Janice Johnson

Art was a great leader, mentor, and friend. He knew you, your spouse and your children. Art made you proud to be an alumni from the Dugoni School of Dentistry. And he would let me steal from his speeches whenever I wanted. You could not find a better mentor or friend. I will miss him.

—Tom McConnell    

After Dr. Dugoni spoke on my first day of school, I sent him a thank you email, not expecting a response. He responded right away and told me to pick up a signed copy of his book. The next time I saw him on campus, he saw my name tag, came right up to me and thanked me again for my email. I had never met him before, he had never seen my face, yet he remembered me. These gestures meant so much as a new dental student. He made everyone feel special and it is reflected in all our school's leaders.

—Lindsay Treppa

Art was a wonderful teacher, scholar and leader in dental education and dentistry. He will be known forever as the "dean's dean" for his incredible abilities to relate to students, faculty, staff and colleagues. He hired me as a consultant many years back and never failed to thank me for the report I wrote when I would see him at meetings. His grandfather stories were the best!

—Phyllis Beemsterboer

Dr. Dugoni had and has my highest respect. He'd walk through the halls and greet people by name; it didn't matter whether they were faculty, staff or student; what a wonderful trait, especially for someone in his position as dean. He was a great inspiration and influencer. I'm glad I had the opportunity to be at the dental school while he was there.

—Pat King

Dr. Dugoni created a school philosophy and environment that allowed me to 1) be admitted to a fantastic dental school and 2) develop into a dentist that focuses on people rather than profit. His continued mentorship long after graduation changed me for the better. While I miss him already, I take comfort thinking of him being reunited with Kaye and that his legacy will live on in all of his students. 

—Phillip Fletcher

I am working as an American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) Director representing the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists (PCSO). Dr. Arthur Dugoni accomplished so many great things while he was working as the president the ABO. We will miss him very much. Art, you may be gone from our sight but you're never gone from our hearts. Your fingerprint on orthodontics and dental programs will be seen for decades to come. Our hearts are with you and your family. May Art rest in peace!!!

—Jae Park

What a magnificent life Art led! I met him when I joined the San Mateo County Dental Society in 1976. He was a longtime friend of my childhood dentist, F. Gene Dixon. Gene developed the idea of prepayment and formed what later became Delta Dental. Art told me the backstory from those days, with angry dentists phoning Gene at home. They didn't want a third party intruding on their practice of dentistry. All in all, Art was the greatest cheerleader for choosing a career in dentistry.

—Don Hermansen

Art was a member of what Tom Brokaw called the "Greatest Generation". He was truly one of the Greatest of the Greatest Generation. If you grew up in San Francisco in the '20s and '30s you got a good public school education and had a natural sophistication and "get it done" ability that came from just growing up here. When war was declared in 1941 my father, Alfred Jacobs, joined the Navy V-12 officer training program and was sent to midshipman's school at Gonzaga in Spokane along with Art.  

—Thomas Jacobs

Dr. Art Dugoni was a legendary leader, teacher, and orthodontist. He truly cared about everything I did as a faculty of the dental school, and complimented and encouraged me to be better. Thank you, Dr. Dugoni, for your passionate love for the profession, the Dugoni school, and the people around you. I will miss you!

—Joorok Park

The letter is dated Dec. 1, 1992. It’s from Dr. Dugoni to me while I was serving at JTF-Bravo in Honduras. "Learn all you can, and take advantage of every situation to grow professionally. You will never forget it." I have that letter framed and I have passionately admired the leadership of Dr. Dugoni. He has always inspired me and I loved his passion for his fellow man. I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for Dr. Dugoni. We will all miss your smile.

—Jonathan Hill

Art Dugoni was a loving, compassionate and generous father in addition to being a great dental educator and leader in his profession. On behalf of the entire Dugoni family, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their heartfelt condolences and recollections about Dad's impact on your lives. All of us were so fortunate to have him for 95 years and his mind was super sharp to the very end. He loved you all dearly!

—Jim Dugoni    

Dr. Jerome Ragadio chose to attend UOP not only because of its accelerated three-year "Humanistic" program but primarily because of the Dean. It turned out to be a wise choice. Dr. Ragadio is a prime example of the school's famous mission statement, "At Pacific, we grow people and along the way they become doctors." Dr. Dugoni's leadership paved the way for Jerome to become a Captain in the US Navy Dental Corps presently in charge of 13 dental clinics at Camp Pendleton Marine Base, California.

—Antonio Ragadio    

When I began teaching at Pacific, every so often I found in my mailbox, clippings and articles and announcements with a handwritten note, something like, “I thought this would interest you,” or, “Something to look into. Art.” I was amazed he had taken note of my interests and then took the time to send a note. I felt like he was rooting for me. Dr. Dugoni rooted for us all and showed us how it was done. He was and will always be a guiding light.

—Elisa Chavez

Dr. Dugoni was born to lead! Art had that rare gift of inspiring students, faculty, VIPs and yes, even politicians to embrace his “suggestions”. Art exuded a confidence in leadership that enabled him to think BIG thus assuring success. At a personal level he was my friend. His values, his winning smile and charm will be sorely missed! There is a special place in heaven for a great man like Art Dugoni.

—Stephen Cohen

Today I mourn the loss of an amazing man, Dr. Arthur Dugoni. To us orthodontic residents, he was not only a mentor but also an idol. We all love and respect Dr. Arthur Dugoni for the man he was, and we are proud of the fact that in our years of residency, we were greeted and were overseen by him in person. His vision for UOP as a scientific and technological powerhouse has kept our Arthur A. Dugoni Dental School as a leader in the world of academics, and for that we are grateful and take pride.

—Warasiri Pitakanonda  

Dr. Dugoni inspired me to share his view and philosophy in the humanistic approach, not only in my career but also in day-to-day life. I was fortunate to have been at the dental school while he was dean, and I can't recall a time when he wasn't smiling or exuding positivity. I will miss his leadership, his kind spirit, and enthusiasm for doing good. Thank you, Dr. Dugoni, for all that you shared with us all.

—Carrie Ramirez

We all know in our hearts that Dr. Dugoni had "two families" — so how privileged did I feel to have been a part of his Dugoni School family all those years! Art taught all of us to rise to our highest potential while helping grow the Dugoni School into the brilliant humanistic institution we know it to be today. Each of us wove a piece of that fabric that Art gave us unique threads to sew: CORE VALUES we live both in and outside of our School to this day. Thank you Art!

—Teresa Kuhlman

He always gave me the feeling of being a family member. He is a great leader to follow.

—Hesham Amer

This man had an amazing memory. Some years ago, the morning after the P&S Ball, my wife Denise and I were standing in the hotel lobby and the "Silver Fox," Dean Dugoni, walked up to us and called us by our first names and said have a safe trip back to Tucson. After he left, all we could do is stare at him while he walked away. That was a man who cared about his students, his past students and our Dental School. Rest in peace! I am honored to call you my Dean!

—Gregory Fuller

I always loved seeing Dr. Dugoni in the building. I was always so impressed by his continued dedication and involvement in the school; it showed that he cared deeply about this school and the people in it. I did not know him well, but he always said hello to me with a smile. His legacy inspires me to always keep humanism at the forefront in what I do, both here and outside of work. I will miss seeing him here, and I will miss seeing his running shoes that always matched his outfit!
—Jennifer McGlothlin

Heaven has gained a beautiful human. So many quotes, but one of my favorites: “Like the process of education itself, excellence is not a destination, it's a path.” God rest your soul. You will be missed, but never forgotten.
— Mary Turoff

One time my study group and I were having a long evening study session at school and Dr. Dugoni just pops into our study room and goes "What're you guys learning?!" and had us tell him all about what we were learning in intro perio. Thank you Dr. Dugoni for being the embodiment of humanism and making me so proud to have gone to your school.
— Alex Rauchle

With so many memories, I would like to share one. I was hired September 2002. Coming from a Silicon Valley work environment, I equated Dr. Dugoni with a CEO.  I attended my first Faculty and Staff Brown Bag. The Dean meets with everyone (including students) for one hour, every quarter. This is normal for the Dugoni community, but, this was not typical elsewhere. This set the tone of my continuous work and life humanism. Dr. Dugoni, I miss you and you will always be in my heart.
— Mari Okamura

Thinking fondly of our Grand-Dad of dentistry, the innovator of the humanistic approach, and inspiration to many of us in the dental field. Thank you Dr. Dugoni for your leadership, wealth of knowledge, and generosity towards all. You’ll be deeply missed by your Dugoni School family, but your legacy will live on in all facets of dental excellence. We will continue to uphold your teaching to “emphasize the positives” in both work and life.
— Mora Santos

I still remember the day I emailed Dr. Dugoni that I wanted to be an orthodontist and he immediately scheduled to meet with me, even though I was just one of the many students at the school and he has long been retired as the dean. Despite my doubts and worries on this professional journey, he simply looked into my eyes with his peaceful yet powerful gaze and said, "Do not give up on your dream."
—Ruidan Ma

Dr. Dugoni was truly an inspiration. His outgoing personality along with his wonderful smile will always be remembered. He was a friend to all he came in contact with. He brought our school to an elite status when he became dean. We will all be thankful we knew him.
—John A. Hughes

I was so grateful for UOP and Dr. Dugoni not only for accepting an older student and seeing my value but in the humanistic approach that has transformed dentistry. How we were treated as students would be the way we treated our staff and patients. He was always available for anyone and the times I visited after I graduated, I was always welcomed. Dr. Dugoni was an incredible man, big shoes to fill. His memory will live on and on. Condolences to his family. What a life he led!!!
—Julia McGary 

I was born in 1947. My father was a freshman at P&S and my mother was a patient of Art's and pregnant with me at the time. In fact, Art asked her if she might be pregnant after looking at her gums. She was not showing and had not told anyone yet and was a bit embarrassed. At some point he did a crown on my mother. He was friends with my parents, but years later after I graduated and attended alumni functions, he would ask me about her crown. What a memory!
—Peter Griffith

With gratitude, I thank Art Dugoni for giving us his best and demanding the best of us. Art has legions of individuals whom he has groomed to be dedicated professionals and more importantly, just good people. There is a great sadness in his loss, but tempered by the fact that his legacy will rightfully continue for generations to come.
— Paul Chu

Art Dugoni was an inspiration to more people than we will ever know. As a young student of orthodontics at the University of Michigan, I was inspired by his keynote address at either the inaugural or second Graduate Orthodontic Residency Programs (GORP). To this day, it stands in my mind as one of the best keynotes I have ever heard. I had never met him, but I knew then that I wanted to pattern my career path along the guidelines and values he shared with us that night.
—Tom Kluemper

Art lived the perfect life. He was a great role model for others to follow, he contributed in all of his positions he held, and he built up so many leaders around him that his ripple effect on earth will be felt for the rest of time. Something Art said to our class early on in dental school that stuck with me was to follow the 3 Be's. 1) Be there; 2) Be on time; 3) Be prepared. When I'm faced with a challenge I think about Art. I ask myself, "What would Art do?" Thank you Art!
—Paul Kennedy

Dr. Dugoni is the reason I chose Pacific. I attended the ADA annual session in 2016 and met many amazing dentists who were speakers, sponsors, and lifelong learners. They all shared a common theme of graduating from the best dental school, and having the most incredible mentor – Dr. Dugoni. I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Dugoni as our keynote speaker for an ASDA conference, and to this day students from all over CA share with me that his speech has impacted them to this day.
—Anthoula Vlachos

When I think of Dean Arthur Dugoni,  there are so many wonderful qualities, but what comes to mind...he was kind, personable, engaging and pleasant, truly an amazing mentor to all! Another thing was his amazing recall of names. He met my parents once briefly and remembered their names years later at my graduation. They were both so impressed he remembered them, after such a short introduction. I will forever miss him. My condolences to his family.
—Kimberly Bearse-Milne

When I was in dental school at UCSF in the 1980s, Art was the host of the TV show Dentistry Update. To me, he was the face of dentistry. He inspired me to be the best dentist I could be. Now that I am a faculty member at the Dugoni School, his words and actions encourage me to be the best teacher I can be. His legacy will live on, as we continue to dedicate our careers to advance the profession of dentistry. Dr. Dugoni, thank you for all you have done for our profession!
—Tim Verceles

Art started his long tenure as dean of the dental school at the same time that I came on the faculty. Leadership became his passion and I watched him grow and develop his skills over time. He became the consummate leader that we all tried to emulate. He molded the culture of the school into one that I felt so fortunate to work in for 40 years. I thank him for being such a great role model and mentor.
—Dorothy Burk

Art has been my surrogate father for nearly half of my life. He has cared for me as his own and I have felt his kind hand on my back throughout the years. I count the presence of Art as the greatest gift of my adult life and I can say without hesitation that I am a better person because of him. I will dearly miss him and his presence. I love you Art.
—Artemiz Adkins

Dr. Dugoni was one of those extraordinary individuals who was such an inspiration to me and so many others. I feel so blessed to have been part of his legacy at this wonderful university that celebrates the uniqueness of each student. It is his inspiration that kindles the fire in all of us to create a life that matters thru service to others. Thank you for "being you." You will be missed.
—Sandra McLaren

Such an amazing tribute to a truly amazing man. His legacy will live on through his wonderful family and extended UOP family. So fitting to have Dr. Art Dugoni close this tribute in his own words...
—Joseph Giordano

Years ago, I shared with Art that my two idols were him and John Wooden. He chuckled and said that he didn't deserve to be in the same company with John Wooden. Well, I beg to differ. One of John Wooden's quotes sums up Art so well... "The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example." Art definitely led by example. Rest in Peace Art!
—Gary Kawata


I remember the life of Dr. Arthur Dugoni as an example of a life well lived for 95 years, and an inspiration to excel in my dental profession but also remember to enjoy all facets of life and serve others. Every time I heard him speak, I was impressed with his wisdom, sincerity and inspiration. He was legendary and one of the most special dental leaders of a generation.
—Andrew Yap






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