The Pacific Kitchen Co-op is an on-campus apartment with a fully equipped kitchen that is available for use by students, staff, faculty, clubs and Pacific organizations. It is a space to create healthy meals in a fun, close location. Use it to cook a favorite meal, host dinner and a movie night, bake cookies with a group of friends or spice up your group meetings.

The Kitchen Co-op was established in 2014 as a collaborative project between Housing, PacWell, Sustaining Pacific and Bon Appetit. 

The Pacific Kitchen Co-op is located in Calaveras Hall at 1116 Brookside Road.

The kitchen space

The kitchen and dining area are fully stocked with dishware, serving ware, pots, pans as well as basic cooking and baking supplies. Below is a list of other resources available:

  • Ingredients - Basic ingredients like spices and oils.  
  • Appliances - Blender, coffee pot, espresso maker, dehydrator, electric mixer, food processor, microwave, pasta maker, rice cooker, toaster.
  • Refrigerator - Food can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Label it clearly with your name and the date if you don't want others to eat it. All food that is not marked can and will be used by other Co-op members. Food starting to spoil will be composted. 
  • Calaveras residents should reserve the kitchen before use. Those with reservations are prioritized. If using the kitchen without a reservation, residents must follow clean-up and use procedures.
kitchen co-op space

  1. Read the Rental Agreement and Information Packet, and then take the orientation quiz. If the quiz was not passed, you must take it again.
  2. Submit an online reservation request at least 5 business days prior to the requested date. You will receive a confirmation email from the Kitchen Co-op shortly after with further information.
  3. Reservations are only open to Pacific-affiliated students, faculty, staff and groups, and are not open to the general public.


Phone: 209.932.2991