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Paolo Turchioe

Paolo Turchioe Photo

Paolo Turchioe had the following to say: 

It might have been wanderlust, it might have been a desire to escape the winters of my hometown in the northeast, but when I enrolled in the School of International Studies my thoughts were more on the sun than the opportunities. I entered SIS with only a preference for cloudless skies and a vague hope of studying abroad and graduating in four years with a double major in International Relations and Japanese; however, through a wealth of experience -- both academic and personal, I left poised amidst the calamity of the financial crisis. I brought the unique multi-disciplinary approach that SIS offered to an internship at Forbes, where I wrote articles on unemployment in the United States. Nine months and thirty articles later, I no longer watched and analyzed world affairs, but participated in it: as luck would have it I was offered a job at the rating agency, Standard and Poor's.