All students entering University of the Pacific must complete an approved General Education Program before graduation. Transferring students can use their accepted courses to satisfy general education requirements.

General Education Transfer Course Acceptance

University of the Pacific generally accepts those courses that are of the same quality and equivalency as courses offered on its campus. The maximum number of units that will be accepted from a community college is 70. Additional community college courses may satisfy content requirements only and will not apply to the minimum units required for graduation. Most courses completed at four-year accredited colleges and universities will transfer.

Information for California residents:

It is recommended that you follow either the CSU or UC (IGETC) General Education programs in order for your General Education courses to count for our General Education requirements. However, a general education program that is specifically designed to simply earn an associate’s degree will not, in and of itself, meet our General Education requirements.

General Education Articulation Agreements

Pacific currently has identified course equivalencies with the many community colleges and universities. To view how your classes transfer, please use our online articulation agreement database (ROAR).