About Official Records of Study

You are required to arrange for the Office of Admission to receive official or certified copies of your academic records for all secondary and post-secondary (including college, university, institute or professional school) study. Official or certified copies of results of public or external examinations you have taken are also required. These should be sent, whenever possible, by the examining authority itself.

Records should list the subjects studied and the grade or mark received. Records should include copies of degrees, diplomas or certificates received. The University expects official copies of the original document in the official language of the educational system. If that language is not English, an official translation should be attached.

You may submit officially certified or attested photocopies of original records. If your application is approved, you will be expected to present the originals to the Office of Admission for inspection prior to registration.

Additional Requirements for Undergraduate Applicants Seeking International Transfer Credit

Students who attended universities outside of the United States and wish to attend University of the Pacific must go through a four-step process, including a required transcript evaluation and official course descriptions. You can find details about the process at our International Coursework page.