Program Fee

The fee is $495 per class. A discounted rate of $2,995 is available to individuals signing up for all seven classes. This fee includes instructional materials.

CalTrans Scholarships

CalTrans has two scholarships available. Eligible applicants include private, non-profit, not-for-profit, and government agencies, their employees, and certain affiliates (private sector applicants) who offer passenger transportation services. Full-series scholarship will cover $1,400 of the tuition. Applicable for full series participants only. 

Other Scholarships

  • RTAP (National Rural Transit Assistance Program) scholarships differ in the application process and the receivable amounts by state. Please email for further assistance.
  • RCTC (Riverside County Transportation Commission) may provide funding to non-profit transportation providers located in western Riverside County.
  • SANBAG (San Bernardino Associated Governments) has financial aid available for public transit and social service transportation agencies from the Valley portion of San Bernardino County.
  • ACCESS SERVICES may have scholarships available. Eligible applicants include all public and not-for-profit agencies and their employees or affiliates (private sector applicants) who deliver passenger transportation services with the County of Los Angeles. The Joe King Memorial Scholarship will cover 100% of the course fees. Only available during Fall sessions.

Requirements to Complete the Online Program

  1. Each course is structured into two parts: Asynchronous (prep work) and Synchronous (online live session). You must complete your asynchronous prep work AND participate the synchronous session in order to get your credit for the course.
  2. The asynchronous prep work will take between 3 to 4 hours for each course. Some courses will require you to submit an assignment by given due date.
  3. The synchronous session will be offered live online using Zoom for 3 hours for each course. You must have your video turned on and join the call no later than 20 minutes after the class begins.
  4. You will need: Access to a computer with MS office and high speed internet (Please see the system requirements.) Web camera, microphone and speakers
  5. You are strongly encouraged to test your computer (audio and internet connection) prior to the beginning of classes.

Registration Process

  1. If applying for the CalTrans Scholarship, fill out the online financial aid application to receive the scholarship code.
  2. Once you receive your scholarship code, please complete the series registration form.
  3. You will receive a confirmation of your enrollment within one to three days.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • Full refunds will be available for cancellations 14 days prior to the first program date. 
  • Registration may be transferred to the next available course if requested no later than 24 hours before the course date. 
  • Registration may be transferred to someone else in your organization if you requested no later than 7 days before the course date. 
  • No refunds or transfers will be granted if you already joined Pacific Canvas and accessed the course materials.
  • Requests must be made by email to

Missed Sessions

Any missed session can be rescheduled one time at no additional charge. After the first rescheduling, $100 reenrollment fee will apply. 


Contact us at or 209.946.2956