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Curtis Fowler

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I began my career in medicine as a Physical Therapist in 1994 and dealt primarily with athletic injuries and complex back pain. Although fulfilling, I wanted to treat the entire person and not just the injury. I went back to school and received my Physician Assistant certification in 2002.

From 2002 to 2016, I worked full-time in family medicine and continued to work one day a week as I started my new full-time career in education at the University of Pacific. This transition from full-time clinical practice to education led to the completion of a doctorate (DMSc) with a focus on healthcare profession education.

In addition to serving on various committees within the program and university, I serve on the CME committee for CAPA. I have been a peer reviewer for JAAPA for almost ten years. 

Although the titles of my publications may not be obvious, my research focus has centered around inflammation. 

I enjoy playing golf with my wife or walking along the river with our dog when not at work. In addition, I am an avid cyclist and frequently enjoy the frustration of home repair.