Deepti Vyas

Deepti Vyas

Director of Interprofessional Education and Instructional Design
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At Pacific Since: 2012

Deepti Vyas, PharmD earned her doctor of pharmacy from Purdue in 2006. She then completed a pharmacy practice and administration residency at Moses Cone Health Systems in Greensboro, North Carolina. Prior to coming to Pacific, she was a faculty member at University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy and was a practicing clinical pharmacist. She joined the Pacific family in 2012.

Dr. Vyas chose to pursue a career in pharmacy because she loved to study chemistry and biology. In addition, she sought out a profession where she could use her knowledge to make a difference in the world. When Dr. Vyas is not teaching, she enjoys traveling. Her love for travel stems from her background; she is originally from India, while she was born in Malaysia, she grew up in Kenya and moved to the United States to attend Purdue University. She has visited many countries including Kenya, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and the Bahamas. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, caving, hiking and white water rafting.


PharmD, Purdue University, 2006

Residency in Pharmacy Practice and Administration, Moses Cone Health Systems

Research Focus

Research Summary
"Involved in scholarship of teaching and learning related to simulation based learning and interprofessional education."

Scholarly Activity

Vyas D, Chen M, Boyce EG, Galal SM, Rogan EL, Maker J, “Training Students on the Pharmacist Patient Care Process using an Electronic Health Record and Simulations” Pharmacy Education, Nov. 11, 2019.

Vyas D, presented “Using a Telehealth Model to Deliver Interprofessional Education” at the 2019 AACP Annual Meeting, July 2019, Chicago.

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Vyas D, presented “Using Metacognition to Sensitize Students to Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) Errors” at the Pharmacy Education Symposium, July 2019, Prato, Italy.

Vyas D, presented “Collaborating Across State Borders: An Interprofessional Curriculum Centered Around Telemedicine Principles” at the 2019 Pharmacy Education Symposium.

Vyas D, presented “Student Connections for Whole Health Care: Telehealth as a Tool for Interprofessional Mental Health Care” at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Annual Conference, October 2019, New Orleans.

Vyas D, presented “Reaching Across State Borders: A Telehealth Simulation to Deliver IPE” at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, January 2020, San Diego.

Vyas D, presented “Elder Abuse as a Vector for Interprofessional Education” at the 2020 AACP Annual Meeting, July 2020.

Vyas D, DelNero T, presented “A Longitudinal Interprofessional Education Program Mapped to the IPEC Competencies” at the 2020 Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) Educational Forum, October 2020.

Vyas D, DelNero T, presented “Addressing Risk Management through Scope of Practice with Interprofessional Education” at the 2020 PAEA Educational Forum.

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