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ASuop Senate

The Senate is comprised of 15 elected members: eight Senators for each of the schools on campus, six Senators-at-Large, and the Vice President. They are responsible for creating the ASuop policies and approving all finances. Additionally, they are expected to hear the needs of students, and when needed, bring them before the Senate or to the President. The Senate is chaired by the Vice President, who is responsible for holding the Senators accountable to their responsibilities.

The Senate is the only branch which may create legislation, approve Constitutional amendments, and hear impeachment proceedings. Senate meetings are held every Monday from 5-7pm in the DeRosa University Center Conference Room 211 and are open to any member of the Pacific community.

For questions about the senate please contact the ASuop Vice President at

Candidates for ASuop Elections 2020 

Senators for the School of International Studies

Hannah Davis 
Senator for the School of International Studies 

As the School of International Studies (SIS) Senator, I would plan on being an advocate for global awareness and cultural diversity on campus. Being cognizant of world events and understanding different perspectives or cultures is crucial in our current globalized society. SIS plays an important role in teaching the next generation intercultural skills and knowledge that are vital for future careers in any field. I would work to ensure that SIS programs, such as Model United Nations, gain more support from the university. I also hope to build stronger relations with UOP International Programs and Services, so we can provide more cultural exchanges between those studying International Relations and International Students. On top of that, I feel that the School of International Studies can further improve relations with other academic departments across campus and encourage all UOP students to attend SIS events like World Forum Discussions, United Nations Association or the Open Assembly of SIS (OASIS) meetings. 

Adriana Ortega 
Senator for the School of International Studies 

My goal as the senator for the School of International Studies is to foremost promote the interests and needs of the students within the school. With the acknowledgement that every school of study has varying needs and interests for their students, the goal is to best identify and address what is of importance and best represents the School of International Studies. There is to be concise and constant communication with represented students, including those who are abroad given that it is a requirement to study abroad and they remain students whose interests matter. With my position I also hope to encourage engagement of fellow students whom I shall be representing within the school and throughout the University of the Pacific. I am able to aid in connections and spread information of various opportunities that our students should take advantage of such as; internships (home and abroad), networking with alum and with fellow peers at Pacific. 

Senators for the School of Engineering and Computer Science

Mah Noor 
Senator for the School of Engineering and Computer Science 

As a minority in the School of Engineering and Computer Science, I want to, and feel the need to, get more women from a variety of different backgrounds. I want to put funding forth into schoolwide events to get more women to know how SOECS truly is and for them to tap into their unknown potential. I also want to fund all SOECS students through scholarships and providing more resources to help in academics such as SOECS - wide free printing, snacks for students when studying/working in the class buildings. I would bring my enthusiasm, teamwork abilities, and my experiences to better decide where funding should go. 

Arshita Sandhiparthi
Senator for the School of Engineering and Computer Science 

1. Student engagement. SOECS has 13+ clubs & organizations that cater to and are comprised of a great deal of engineering & computer science students. These organizations have a massive, positive effect on students’ academic experiences. My goal is to spotlight AES and emphasize resource needs and higher-level demands on the senate floor. 

2. Community cohesion. Pacific has a rich history and the student population reflects a diversity of interests and talents. Yet, many have observed a stratification between schools and diminished school-wide spirit. Ultimately, I want to work on projects that link students of different backgrounds to encourage the creation of a cohesive community.
3. Student spotlight. It's obvious that the students make the university. However, administrative interests have struggled to reflect the interests of the students. Issues like tuition and funding for programs that students depend on must involve your input. I have advocated in front of university leadership to make financial decisions more transparent. As a senator, I intend to continue this line of advocacy.

Senator for the Pharmacy School

Alexis Hand 
Senator for the Pharmacy School 

If elected senator for the pharmacy school I would make sure to keep a clear and open line of communication between our undergraduate campus and the pharmacy school. I would send biweekly emails about updates and events that students could attend on the undergrad side. I would also like to continue trying to make our campus smoke free and make students aware of the health consequences. Furthermore, I would like to ensure that the pharmacy students are aware of all the benefits our undergraduate campus can offer them.

Senators for the Graduate School

 Ashley Arnett 
 Senator for the Graduate School 

If elected, I will make an exceptional difference as a member of the Senate, bringing new ideas and a fresh perspective to ASuop. I will work to not only encourage my personal views, but also incorporate the views of fellow students across varying groups and demographics on campus, considering policies and fiscal responsibilities. I have proven to act passionately on perspectives I believe in; this drive will fuel my determination to ensure the students elect a senator who supports their voice. I would like the opportunity to be a part of the Senate to gain meaningful experiences and challenge myself to step beyond my comfort zone. I know I can represent the University of the Pacific in a positive manner, and if given the chance, I will provide a young and ambitious representation. My goal is simple: make a difference, and set an example for future candidates by using my time wisely and efficiently.

 Amber Mateer 
 Senator for the Graduate School 

 My platform highlights three vital aspects of student life here at Pacific, food accessibility & insecurity, mental health, and community building. I plan to highlight programs that already exist and encourage new partnerships to help ease food insecurity here at Pacific. Constantly I see students deciding if their money should go to buying their new textbooks or groceries for the next week. Encouraging more students to address their mental health needs in positive and healthy ways is another aspect of campus life that I see can be overlooked oftentimes and can always be addressed to be destigmatized. Lastly, building community remains a personal project of mine since I constantly feel left out of spaces due to being a graduate student. Especially with the absence of a Graduate School Senator during this past academic year in ASUOP, I feel strongly to run on behalf of all of my graduate school peers who might not necessarily know about ASUOP or have access to the space. By building community within our individual identity-related groups, the overall state of community at UOP can only be realized and compounded.

Senator for Eberhardt School of Business

 Benjamin Guerrero 
 Senator for Eberhardt School of Business

 If elected into the Eberhardt School of Business Senator position, I plan on closing the gap between administration and students by proposing initiatives that would create opportunities for collaborations on matters that impact students. Transparency is an issue at hand that I plan on defeating by encouraging open communications between students and the student government, sharing results in an accessible way, and developing methods to promote student participation. Students are important which brings me to find ways to enhance lives for those who live on campus and commutes alike through hosting events that benefit the student body, expand mental health measures, and improving engagement. 

Senator for College of the Pacific

Tierra Smithson 
Senator for College of the Pacific

As a second-year student at Pacific, I identify with many of my peers who find themselves invested in various clubs and organizations on campus, while also juggling classes and even an on/off campus job. Being in a similar situation myself - having two on-campus jobs and being involved in organizations like Legal Scholars and Speech and Debate - I can relate to students who are trying to strike the balance between following their passions and doing everything else. I say this because I know students at this University are hardworking and are invested in their success. I also know that it can be challenging sometimes. My goal as a senator for the College of the Pacific is to be an advocate for students and support their goals. Students will be able to voice concerns and ideas to me that I can then consider to make a lasting change. Last fall I participated in a public debate, with SOECS Candidate Arshita Sandhiparthi, regarding tuition prices, in which we advocated the student perspective. Speaking on behalf of students and advocating for change where it’s necessary, isn’t new for me and being Senator for College of the Pacific would certainly be no exception. 

Senator for Benerd School of Education

 Jacob Schroeder 
 Senator for Benerd School of Education 

Hello, my name is Jacob Schroeder and I am running for the Senator for the School of Ed. As for involvement on campus, I am part of Pacific Rugby, Kappa Delta Epslion, Center for Community Involvement, Council for Expectational Children, and NRHH which represent community, service for others, and collaborative efforts for success. As for my goals if I was elected as the Senator for the School of ED would to represent and advocate for the needs of my school and the university. To do this my plan would be to use the clubs I have and make a senator's corner in which students can speak about what they want to see changed in the school and on campus. I would also use bi-weekly emails to meet this need and of course my office hours. I always want to make an impact on campus and if you vote for me, I will make that impact.

At- Large Senators

 Jasmin Arenal
 At- Large Senator 

If elected to this position, my first goal is to learn about my position to the best of my ability to better advocate for what the Senate can and cannot do for students. Secondly, I would like to create multiple platforms for students to be able to voice any opinions, concerns or questions they may have. Lastly, I hope to increase visibility and knowledge about the Senate by being more available for students, especially those who may not know about the resources available to them. There are many small communities on the Pacific campus who are unable to command the attention they need. I'd like to advocate on behalf of these groups. Let's pave the future together!


 Joaquin Gonzalez 
 At-Large Senator

It will be my goal as Senator at Large to continue serving the student body through active participation and community involvement. With a year of experience as a Senator at large, I know I have the knowledge to achieve my goals and improve the student experience here at Pacific.


 Jakob Harwood 
 At-Large Senator 

My goal is to support all the organizations on campus to create an efficient and safe environment on campus. At the   same time, I want to contribute logic and my opinion at every meeting in the best interest of the school and community.

 Areesh Ilyas
 At-Large Senator

Our university has the resources and the potential necessary to enhance student success, yet more often than not, these resources are not easily accessible to students. It is almost the end of my sophomore year and I have only now found certain amenities that would have been greatly beneficial to me the last year or so. As an ASuop Senator, I will work to ensure academic, financial, and mental/physical health resources are readily available to students by making the effort to disseminate necessary information as often as possible. Furthermore, I aim to ensure students do not feel out of place in seeking these resources by working to eliminate the stigma that tends to surround certain resources. Students want a voice when it comes to issues we have a stake in. But while we have gone out of our ways to speak up, we seldom feel we are heard. As an ASuop Senator, I will work to facilitate communication between the administration and students, with the aim to give students a lasting platform where they can freely voice their concerns, praises, and recommendations.

 Taylor Lam 
 At-Large Senator

The main goal for my campaign is to increase ASuop’s presence on the campus so that students understand the purpose and significance of the Senate. With this increased presence also comes greater transparency. I believe that it is of utmost importance that Pacific students understand that the Senate offers a unique student perspective on university matters that would be otherwise unachievable with a purely faculty-run governing body. For this reason, an extended campus presence would encourage students to approach senators with any qualms they may have regarding campus-related matters. It is paramount that students recognize that their feedback will be heard if they relay their issues to ASuop, and this can be achieved with an improved campus presence. As the voice of the students, the Senate should make known to the students that their opinions are taken seriously and of the actions, UoP is taking to combat their concerns. Ultimately, my hope is for more people to use ASuop as a resource and understand that the Senate stands for the students.


 Shiv Patel 
 At-Large Senator 

My goal as Senator is to increase the overall awareness of ASUOP on campus. In my experience the opportunities that ASUOP presents go largely unnoticed. Therefore, I want to focus on getting more students involved with ASUOP so they too can reap all the benefits that ASUOP has to offer.


  Mario Alexander Di Santi
  At- Large Senator

 Hi. My name is Mario Alexander Di Santi! I am a freshman international student from Italy and I decided to run  for senator at large since I believe that there isn't enough international representation in ASUOP's senate. My  first semester was rather challenging and that is why I decided to run for senator at large to make the college experience more enjoyable for the students of Pacific. These are my campaign's goals: an inclusive environment for all students, enhancement of campus life, and transparency. First off, to insure an inclusive environment for students I would provide further accommodations for student, further integration of different cultures with ASUOP events, and grant more representation within ASUOP for students and more opportunities within ASUOP for international students. To enhance campus life I would further promote administration and support for student based programs (such as clubs, greek life, etc.), increase the amount of student activities to make campus life more enjoyable, and increase student funding for student clubs and organizations. Lastly, I would improve transparency between student government and students by receiving more student feedback to increase student advocacy.

Jarrod F. Vargas 
At-Large Senator 

My goal is to increase student participation in University events and to be an advocate for students who seek equity and ways to improve our university. As a first-generation college student who transferred from a junior college, I want to work with ASuop and the university leadership to better serve these populations. As a student who has faced housing and food insecurity, I believe I have not only a unique perspective, but also a passion to work on these difficult issues. additionally, I would like to promote advocacy at the state level, and advocate for issues that affect us all as students.

  Angel Zhong
  At-Large Senator 

  As Senator At-Large, I aim to embody the ASuop attitude of students serving students. I hope to accomplish this by fostering interdisciplinary unity amongst students in a time when field-based divisions are becoming increasingly apparent. I also want to advocate for higher student discounts on programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud that accrue cost monthly, but, at the same time, are required for majors like Media X and Graphic Design. Furthermore, I plan on helping resolve the “crisis of the humanities” through efforts to provide more public avenues for student creativity on campus; this could include weekly spoken-word nights in The Lair and monthly student art showcases. Lastly, I’m committed to bringing a more sustainable ethos to Pacific—at a time where climate change is our most imminent threat—and uniting students under this shared concern.