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Resources for Faculty

July 2019

Dear Distinguished Faculty:  

This has been a year of many changes at Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), as we have worked internally to strengthen our resolve to serving students, and equally important, being an effective resource for faculty.  In anticipation of the new Stockton programs being offered at our Sacramento and San Francisco campuses, SSD sought to proactively explore how our office would support the need to provide services to students on those campuses.   

In such preparation, SSD enlisted the expertise of a consultant who not only assisted us with preparing to serve our new populations, but also reviewed our current policies and practices and made recommendations to help our department provide the best level of service to students as well as optimize support to faculty.  

As you know, faculty play a critical role in supporting students with disabilities, from listening and understanding to providing classroom accommodations. In doing this, you support the University's dedication to diversity, as well SSD's mission of providing equal and equitable accessibility to students with disabilities.  

Congruent with our mission, and to assist you in your work with students, we've created a Resource Guide specifically for faculty. We would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have for improving the content-or for sharing creative and practical solutions to the provision of academic accommodations.  

SSD values and celebrates a collaborative approach in our work with students, and we encourage you to contact us at any time if we can be of assistance. We will be delighted to answer questions, address concerns, or talk about ideas you may have for enhancing the services we offer to students. We sincerely appreciate the core role you play and all that you do for students with disabilities.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you on behalf of our students.  

Kind regards,

Daniel Nuss Director, Services for Students with Disabilities

Contact Information:

McCaffrey Center - First Floor Rm 116

Phone: (209) 946-3221, Fax: (209) 946-2278


Daniel Nuss, Director 209.946.3221