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About Commencement

For the past 166 years, University of the Pacific has produced stellar graduates who go on to tremendous success on a personal and professional level. The University Commencement ceremony is our student's last step at Pacific, and their first into the world beyond our gates. Pacific's Commencement ceremony is rich with history, tradition, and significance, and this section of our site can help you understand some of the colors, symbols and artifacts associated with Commencement at Pacific.

  • Special Events: Every year, Pacific hosts special events that honor and celebrate our graduates.

  • Processional: Commencement ceremonies are surrounded by pomp and circumstance; here's a quick guide to Who's Who in the Commencement procession.

  • Pacific Hail!: Lyrics and music to Pacific's alma mater.

  • Academic Regalia: The cap and gown are iconic symbols of college graduation, but why do we wear them? Take a look at the symbolism behind academic regalia.

  • The Pacific Mace: The history of an ancient academic tradition, and its current incarnation at Pacific.

  • School Banners: Each school or college within the University is associated with specific colors and icons; here's a quick reference to the meaning and history behind each.