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Outdoor Events & Lawn Spaces

Whether you're hosting a charity walk or just enjoying some fun in the sun with your group, the University of the Pacific Grounds provide the most beautiful ambience for your outdoor event. Recognized as one of the top 5 most beautiful College Campuses in the United States by The Penn Group, the University of the Pacific is sure to provide a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable outdoor experience. Previous outdoor events include: non-profit walks, outdoor festivals, and organized recreation.

Relay for Life 2015 - DUC Lawn DUC Lawn

DUC LawnKnoles Lawn

For charity walks we offer the following pre-approved routes throughout the campus. If your event requires a greater distance please contact our office for a customized route. 
1.25 mile walking route 2.5 mile walking route

1.25 Mile Walking Route 2.5 Mile Walking Route