Develop Exceptional Mental Health Counseling Skills with a PsyD in Counseling Psychology

Expert mental health counselors are essential for a healthy society, but there often aren’t enough counselors to meet demand. With a Doctor of Psychology degree in Counseling Psychology from University of the Pacific, you can develop the skills required to fill this vital need.

Our PsyD degree helps you advance a career as a mental health practitioner by providing a deep knowledge base in psychology, clinical skills and research skills. Over the course of the four-year Counseling Psychology program, you’ll study counseling, assessment, ethics, psychopharmacology and more to become a well-rounded, effective counselor.

A flexible approach to earning your Doctor of Psychology degree

This PsyD program is taught through a flexible hybrid model that helps you fit your coursework into your busy schedule. Online you will find lectures, discussions, quizzes and more, so you can study new material when it’s most convenient to you.

Meanwhile, you’ll spend your valuable in-person class time on interactive learning. In-person learning takes up just one to two days a week, minimizing the time you have to spend commuting.

Stockton Campus Location

Hybrid Course Format

In-Person 1-2 days/week

Why Choose Our Counseling Psychology Program?

Our PsyD in Counseling Psychology is crafted to give you in-depth knowledge in all the topics needed to be an effective counseling psychologist. What sets this Counseling Psychology program apart, though, is our commitment to giving you hands-on experiences and a flexible learning model.


Get In-Person Experience in the Field

Every PsyD candidate completes an internship before graduating, so you’re guaranteed to enter the workforce with practical experience on your resume. You’ll also have opportunities to practice your skills in practicum placements in various types of counseling settings.

Fit Your Studies Around Your Busy Schedule

We understand that you have a lot going on, from existing jobs to family obligations and more. So we’ve designed a hybrid PsyD program that mixes synchronous and asynchronous online learning with one to two days of face-to-face classes. Enjoy the flexibility of hybrid learning without sacrificing valuable in-person interaction.

Connect with Practioners and Researchers

The faculty of our counseling psychology program includes expert practitioners engaged in impactful research. You’ll also gain networking opportunities through practicums and your internship, so you’ll be able to establish a professional network while completing your PsyD degree.

Learn Alongside a Cohort of Peers

Courses for this Doctor of Psychology follow a predetermined sequence, so you’ll have no confusion about what to take next. More importantly, you’ll get to progress through the program alongside a cohort of fellow students, learning from and supporting each other as you take classes together.

Program Lead
Justin Low

“At University of the Pacific, we value and teach students to be reflective practitioners, collaborative leaders and lifelong learners. Students benefit from close working relationships with dedicated and passionate professors. Our distinguished faculty members are firmly engaged in the local community and provide students with exceptional opportunities for experiential learning.”

-Justin Low, Program Lead, University of the Pacific

justin low

What Can You Do With Your Doctor of Psychology Degree?

Once you’ve graduated with your PsyD degree, you’ll be able to help fill San Joaquin County’s pressing need for mental health professionals. Counseling jobs are available in mental health clinics, hospitals, private practices and schools — essentially, almost any setting you may be interested in

Career Outlook for Doctor of Psychology Graduates

Mental health counseling is a growing field in high demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs for mental health counselors will grow by 22 percent by 2031, a rate that’s much higher than the national average. Earning a PsyD in Counseling Psychology positions you to take advantage of this growth.

Explore Courses for the Doctor of Psychology

We’re committed to providing a foundation in both theory and practical applications for every aspect of counseling psychology in our PsyD program. Topics you’ll study include:

  • Counseling
  • Assessment
  • Development
  • Ethical practice
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Research methods

Specific courses for the PsyD degree include practicum-based classes dedicated to developing hands-on experience, a group counseling course that teaches the theories of group dynamics through participation in group learning, and more.

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