Important Information

For the 2019-2020 Financial Aid Year, new students who received $9,084 in Cal Grant awards, Pacific added an average of an additional $15,000 per student in institutional financial aid.

Cal Grants are need-based grants for low- income and middle-income students who are California residents and attend eligible California colleges and universities.

If you are awarded a Cal Grant, you will receive a California Aid Report (CAR), which will show the value of your Cal Grant at Pacific.

To be considered for Cal Grant awards at Pacific, you must:

  • Submit an application for undergraduate admission and file the FAFSA.
  • In addition, submit a Cal Grant GPA Verification Form to the California Student Aid Commission by March 2.

High school students and transfer students, be sure to follow though on one of the following options to ensure your GPA is verified with the California Student Aid Commission:

Option 1:

Public high schools and public charter schools are mandated in legislation to automatically submit their current senior-year students’ certified GPAs to the Commission, unless the parent or student has opted out. Additionally, some colleges automatically submit their students’ certified GPAs, however, you must confirm whether your school will file your GPA for you before the deadline.

Option 2:

If your high school or college won’t be automatically submitting your Cal Grant GPA to the California Student Aid Commission, obtain a Cal Grant GPA Verification Form, get it certified by a school official, and mail it yourself before the deadline.

Option 3:

If you will be mailing in a paper GPA Verification Form, be sure to make a copy for your records and obtain a Certificate of Mailing ($1.40 in addition to postage) from the Post Office so that you can verify the date you mailed your form.

Manage your Cal Grant

  • Log on to WebGrants 4 Students and create your online WebGrants for Students (WGS) account to understand and manage your Cal Grant award. Update your address or school of attendance. (The California Student Aid Commission communicates with students using the email address on file, so it is critical that you keep this information updated.)
  • Post a leave of absence.
  • Allow a third party (such as a parent or guardian) access to your Cal Grant information.
  • Satisfy outstanding requirements.
  • For additional information, please visit the Cal Grant website.