About Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) jobs benefit students in many ways, from providing more financial support to offering flexible schedules during the academic year. Unlike most forms of financial aid, your FWS earnings are paid directly to you. You can choose how and where to spend your income and can prioritize your expenses as you see fit. While it is recommended that educational expenses remain your top priority, FWS jobs can be a great way to gain financial flexibility and pay for personal expenses to help you get the most out of the college experience.

Federal Work-Study

  • Pacific participates in the FWS program.
  • Students who are awarded FWS are eligible to apply for both on-campus and off-campus Work-Study jobs.
  • Receiving a FWS allocation does not guarantee students a position, nor that they will earn the full amount of their award.
  • Available Work-Study positions can be viewed through Handshake, Pacific's online job board. Students can access Handshake through InsidePacific (on the Career Tab) after Aug. 17.
  • Students should review the Student Employment FAQ on the Academic Advising and Career Services Center website and begin preparing their resumes so they will be ready to apply for positions after Aug. 17. 
  • Federal regulations stipulate that a students can earn only as much FWS as they have been awarded for the academic year.
  • In order to utilize Work-Study, your financial aid file must be complete.
  • Once your financial aid file is complete and you have been hired, you can request your FWS Authorization Card by emailing the Office of Financial Aid at financialaid@pacific.edu.
  • Work-Study is available to eligible students who are enrolled in at least one unit.
  • Please notify the Office of Financial Aid when making changes or adjustments to your employment.
Enrollment Period First Day Eligible to Work Last Day Eligible to Work
Fall only August 17, 2020 December 11, 2020
Fall/Spring August 17, 2020  May 5, 2021
Spring only January 4, 2021  May 5, 2021
Trimester students (Pharm D & DPT)  August 17, 2020 June 30, 2021








On- and Off-Campus Employment
  • Many Pacific departments on campus also employ our students who are not eligible to receive funds through the Federal Work-Study program or have exceeded their FWS allocation.
  • Because many local businesses rely on Pacific students to fill positions within the community, opportunities for off-campus employment are also available for students.
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