Financial Literacy
Webinars for Every Stage of Your Journey

We know how important understanding financial aid is to your overall Pacific experience, and we'll explain some important concepts, talk about next steps and answer any questions you have about how financial aid at Pacific works. Check this space for more webinars coming soon, or watch recordings of past webinars.

Read and Understand your Financial Aid Offer Notice

Pull up your financial aid notice for an in-depth overview from the top of the letter to the bottom. This webinar will begin with helping you understand the various financial aid opportunities available and end with a discussion of costs to plan for compared to your aid offer. Even if you have not received your aid notice yet, please join us to help prepare you when you receive it.

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Manage your Investment in Pacific

We certainly recognize how important of an investment you are making in your education and ultimately for your future!  Join this webinar for an in-depth review of the financial aid timeline and ways to provide you more flexibility in making tuition payments, including payment plans, additional loan resources, on-campus employment, and future scholarship opportunities. 

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Understand and Apply for Student Loans

So you need a student loan? Even if you are not sure you need to borrow, please join us to learn more about federal student and parent loan options including how interest accrues and the flexible repayment plans available. We will also provide you with all the steps needed to have the loan funds applied to your balance. The idea of borrowing student loans can be a bit scary, but we are here to show you how they can be a helpful resource in keeping college costs down! 

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