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Health Insurance Requirement

 Deadline to submit the Annual Health Insurance Waiver is prior to first day of Fall classes
(Summer Quarter for Dental Students) 
Please note:  This is a rolling date based on your program.

If you do not complete a waiver form by July 31, 2019 (Dental Students) or September 6, 2019 (Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional, Law Students), you will be automatically enrolled in and billed for SHIP (see auto enrollment requirement below)

Eligibility and Enrollment into SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan)

The University of the Pacific is committed to the health and well-being of our students.  All students defined below are required to be enrolled in a comprehensive health insurance plan as part of a non academic enrollment requirement.  The requirement protects against high medical costs and provides access to quality medical care.  This policy excludes distance learning, off-campus and external programs and therefore students are not eligible to enroll in SHIP.

  • Undergraduate and Pharmacy Students enrolled in 9 or more units
  • Dental Students, International Students, and Graduate Students enrolled in 1 or more units
  • Law Students enrolled in 6 or more units
  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD): all residents

Click image below for printable insurance waiver information 

insurance waiver flier 

For information about the University of the Pacific's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) including waiver information, benefits, premium costs and claims, please visit

Gallagher Student Health or call our Customer Service Team at 833-233-0764.