Starting in March the IRB will begin randomly reviewing different IRB studies. This will be both an educational tool as well as making sure all studies are compliant with the federal rules and regulations. Below are the Study Checklist that will be used for this process.

Study Checklist

Submit all proposals at:

If you have not completed a prior application with the IRB pre-cayuse please fill out the Cayuse Access Request Form:   

Cayuse tutorial: Cayuse Research Suite

Interim IRB policy
Ver. 03/20/2020
Like everyone else affected, the COVID-19 crisis is forcing adjustments to the Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Protection (IRB) current daily routines.
We first hope you all are taking proper care and wish health and wellness for all in the coming days and weeks. We also have to provide guidance on how you can navigate and move forward with your research.

To minimize risk and to protect research participants and investigators while following the Governor’s stay at home order, the University of the Pacific is requiring all investigators to put all human-subjects research on hold unless the research can be done remotely. If you are unsure whether or not you can conduct your research, please contact us at
If you already have provisions within your protocol for gathering remote information, you may continue your protocol as is. If you do not have that provision however, please submit a revised protocol form to include remote access. You can access the revision form here.

Due to delays in research you may need to file a revised protocol form to extend the project beyond the original approved date.
We ask for your understanding as we navigate the COVID-19 outbreak and are grateful for your continued support and partnership.
Please feel free to direct any questions to