2019 Voluntary benefits available

2019 Voluntary benefits available

University of the Pacific is proud to offer employees voluntary benefits through UNUM. 

You can enroll or make changes to your UNUM benefits by contacting the UNUM call center at 877.677.6869 between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday - Friday tp speak with a benefits counselor. All enrollments and updates must be COMPLETED by NOV. 16, 2018.

You work hard for your paycheck, and it can be difficult to budget for life's unexpected emergencies. That's why, in addition to your core benefits (medical, dental, vision etc.), University of the Pacific offers the option to purchase Group Accident Insurance and Whole Life Insurance through UNUM. 

Group Accident Insurance

  • Pays lump-sum benefits for accidents that occur off-the-job based on the type of injury (or covered incident) you sustain or type of treatment you need.
  • This benefit pays in addition to existing medical coverage.
  • Spouse and child coverage is available.  

Whole Life Insurance   

  • If something happened to you, would your loved ones have the money they need? Whole Life Insurance is an affordable way to leave them money if you die. They can use it to help pay for housing and other expenses, including your final arrangements.
  • Spouse and child coverage is available.
  • This life insurance provides level rates and a guaranteed death benefit with a small cash value accumulation of 4.5%  

Both benefits provide coverage that is portable. You may take the coverage with you if you leave the company or retire without having to answer medical questions. Unum will bill you directly.

You can find more information on these products by visiting our UNUM Whole Life and Accident benefits website.