Alumna serves the Red Bluff community through her historic pharmacy

Alumna Bianca Bradshaw

Bianca Bradshaw ’04, PharmD has known she wanted to be a pharmacist from a young age. As a Pacific doctor of pharmacy student, she was introduced to the independent pharmacy community in Bakersfield. What she observed planted the seed of owning her own pharmacy. In 2014, Dr. Bradshaw purchased Elmore Pharmacy in Red Bluff, possibly the oldest continuously operated pharmacy in California.

“To me, the most rewarding thing is every day I can make a difference in someone’s life,” said Dr. Bradshaw. “The ability we have to impact people in the community setting is so real and right there in front of you. You don’t have to look for it; you just have to embrace it.”

Her advice for those considering independent pharmacy ownership is to “know your building” and be prepared to handle the business aspects of being an owner.

“The ability we have to impact people in the community setting is so real and right there in front of you. You don’t have to look for it; you just have to embrace it.”

“Going into your own pharmacy, you know how to be a pharmacist, you are prepared for that,” she said. “What you don’t know is every personnel and law question, everything you can imagine, is going to come to you. One of the biggest challenges is to know how to handle the things that are not the running of the pharmacy; they are the running of the business.”

“The most valuable thing that I did in preparation for pharmacy ownership was to work in various independent pharmacy settings. You have to be prepared to think on your feet and consider the experiences you’ve had and how you can incorporate those into your current setting.”

Elmore Pharmacy

Elmore Pharmacy has been in business since 1861. Elmore Pharmacy received the National Community Pharmacists Association’s 2020 NICE Award for Best Exterior Sign.

Dr. Bradshaw has traced the history of Elmore Pharmacy back to 1861. To connect customers to Elmore Pharmacy’s rich history, she has antiques and historic documents on display.

“I had a patient bring in a bottle they found in the wall in their house when they were doing a remodel,” she said. “I found the matching prescription for it down in the basement. It was from 1923.”

She attributes her success to her staff, who are committed to providing excellent customer service. During the pandemic, Dr. Bradshaw adapted the pharmacy’s operations to continue providing patients with their medications, while prioritizing safety and thoughtfully considering ways to give customers peace of mind. For the first few weeks after adding a curbside delivery option, Dr. Bradshaw handled the curbside deliveries herself to ensure the process flowed smoothly.

Looking to the future, she is excited to implement new services. “Right now, I am trying to expand my business and start a functional medicine practice, in addition to providing point-of-care testing,” she said. She also plans to start offering “brown bag” days, where she will provide Medication Therapy Management review. Some of the ideas she has for her business are concepts she first heard as a student. Through Pacific, she was exposed to ideas and opportunities as well as individuals who are achieving those things within the field of pharmacy. She credits Pacific as her foundation, as well as the source of lifelong friendships and mentor-mentee relationships.