Clinic Operations Manager Fayyaz Ibrahim Wins Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award

Fayyaz Ibrahim, clinic operations manager at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, is the latest recipient of the Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award, which honors outstanding staff members across University of the Pacific’s Stockton, Sacramento and San Francisco campuses. He received his award during an online recognition event held on Dec. 21 for the Dugoni School family.

Fayyaz was hired in 2013 as a sterilization and dispensing technician to support the school’s dental clinics. He subsequently transferred to the department of clinical oral health care as an administrative coordinator. He was promoted in 2020 to clinic operations manager.

Fayyaz Ibrahim

Comments from those who nominated Fayyaz for the award frequently referred to his efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. “When many other schools and clinics have struggled, he helped us source PPE and disinfection supplies during a time when supply chains fluctuated greatly,” said one. Another said that he “helped ensure that our clinics could continue to provide care with a maximum personal safety for our providers.” A third commented, “He has a positive attitude that spills over to the community and his willingness to dig in, when necessary, is a testament to the quality of the individual.”

“He's been such a reliable positive and supportive member of the school family, I certainly echo all of these sentiments,” commented Dean Nader A. Nadershahi. “We congratulate Fayyaz and thank him for all of his wonderful work over the year!”

The Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award recognizes exceptional staff members on all three campuses who have contributed to University of the Pacific’s's vision, mission and values. The Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award is funded by former University of the Pacific Vice President for Business and Finance Patrick Cavanaugh and his wife Janita. 

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Fayyaz Ibrahim on the job