First Annual Assessment Report Available

First Annual Assessment Report Available

The first annual Academic Assessment Report consolidates reporting on assessment of student learning outcomes from multiple organizational units across the university. The report focuses on results from the most-recently completed 2017-18 annual assessment cycle for academic programs, GE, core competencies, and student life.

This consolidation promotes shared responsibility for student learning, illuminates university-wide progress that academic and co-curricular programs are making in assessment of student learning, and brings forward examples of how assessment informs continuous improvement of teaching and curriculum.

You can read an executive summary or full report which address (a) the University Assessment Committee's assessment of Quantitative Reasoning and Information Literacy; (b) the General Education program's assessment of Cultural Awareness, Civic Responsibility, and Research Skills; (c) the Student Life programs' assessment of their student learning outcomes; and (d) the academic degree programs' assessment of their program learning outcomes. Other university reporting complements this annual report. Institutional Research regularly publishes a variety of other data on student learning and outcomes, including: 

  • responses of Pacific students to a national survey of student engagement in learning,
  • findings on student achievement and success, which are consolidated on the University's Student Success page.