Have a skill to share? Pacific Recreation can help make it happen

Gabby Huffman ’23

Pacific student Gabby Huffman ’23.

Pacific Recreation’s Wednesday Weekly Skill Share is a series focused on teaching creative, useful life hacks.

Amber Mateer, graduate assistant of competitive sports with Pacific Recreation, created the program after asking herself, “How can we help students learn random skills for outdoor adventure?”

She quickly expanded her idea to include all types of “random skills that you wouldn’t typically seek out and learn on a daily basis.”

At 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 21, Wednesday Weekly Skill Share will feature “Arts and Crafts with Gabby,” a virtual macramé workshop hosted by Pacific student Gabby Huffman ’23. Sign up at Wednesday Weekly.

Want to learn more skills? Check out all the past Wednesday Weekly presentations here, including backpacking, wilderness CPR and bike mechanics.

Mary Conley from the Pacific Volunteer Center presented “Backpacking Tips and Tricks,” using visual aids and a no-holds-barred presentation style that excited her audience.

“Because I gave speakers the option of what to do, they say ‘I am deeply passionate about this random thing.’ Seeing the passion about these topics is great as a facilitator,” Mateer said.

Wednesday Weekly Skills Share creates a platform for “staff members and folks you wouldn’t think could do these skills. It humanizes people, especially in the virtual world, where it is very hard to form connections,” Mateer added.

Speakers include Pacific staff, students and guests from other schools.

Mateer hopes to expand the program in the spring semester. “I want to open it up to a larger audience of presenters. I want students to show off their skills and make connections,” Mateer said.

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