Honoring the legacy of Phi Delta Chi leadership

Two rows of Alpha Psi brothers posing under their sign.

Alpha Psi chapter charter class.

From the first time Ivan W. Rowland, PhD, the School’s founding dean, stepped foot on campus, he had a vision for the third school of pharmacy in California. Raising up leaders was a key component of his strategic plan to help the School reach its potential. One of the ways he encouraged leadership growth was through the Phi Delta Chi pharmacy fraternity. Serving as the fraternity’s grand president, the national executive role, Dean Rowland knew the transformative impact a chapter could make on a university, and the Alpha Psi chapter was established at Pacific in 1956. 

The 50th anniversary of the chapter energized a core group of alumni to establish an organization to encourage alumni to give back to the fraternity and support current students. In 2008, the Alpha Psi Education, Scholarship and Leadership Foundation achieved nonprofit status and three of the foundation’s founding members, Edward Larimer ’69, RPh, Ralph L. Saroyan ’64, RPh and Jack Schlegel ’67, RPh, set an ambitious goal — raising $1 million. The foundation achieved this goal in 2021 through the exclusive support of approximately 250 alumni. 

In December 2022, the Alpha Psi Foundation Endowed Scholarship was Powell-matched, which was made possible by the generosity of Robert C. and Jeannette Powell. The scholarship supports undergraduate and doctor of pharmacy students at Pacific.

 Left to right: Dean Berit Gundersen, Jasmine Heinemann, Edward Larimer

Left to right: Dean Berit Gundersen ’84, PharmD, Jasmine Heinemann ’25, Edward Larimer ’69, RPh

This year, Jasmine Heinemann ’25 received the Phi Delta Chi - Alpha Psi Foundation Founding Directors’ Scholarship. She was inspired to pursue a career in clinical pharmacy by her mother, who is a pharmacist. Heinemann’s family immigrated from China. When her grandfather was gravely ill, a language barrier made it difficult for his family members to understand the communications relating to his medical care. Heinemann’s mother served as a liaison for the family, working tirelessly to ensure everyone adequately understood all the medical exchanges.

Heinemann plans to use her training to empower others. 

“My goal is to maintain a knowledge base that may be used to help members of my community and family feel more at ease when facing health scares, instilling confidence and encouraging others to take control of their own health,” she said. 

Megan W. Tri ’26, the recipient of the Phi Delta Chi - Alpha Psi Foundation Endowed Scholarship, shares a similar experience. When Tri was in high school, her father underwent an intensive heart surgery. The procedure was followed by a long, difficult recovery. 

“Having a pharmacist explain the goals of therapy brought reassurance for me and my family,” said Tri. “My father made a full recovery thanks to the team of medical professionals and the assistance of the medications provided.”

That experience gave her a sense of purpose “to make people feel secure, while also providing the necessary treatment they need to recover.” 

Three PharmD Alumni posing in DUC.

Phi Delta Chi brothers Saroyan, Schlegel and Larimer embody the ethos of their mentor, Dean Rowland, when setting bold goals for the Alpha Psi Foundation.

The Alpha Psi motto is “leaders in pharmacy, brothers for life.” Both Heinemann and Tri have gained confidence through the support of mentors and the fraternity’s leadership development training.

“I can confidently state that I am a better version of myself from the influence of my peers in the fraternity,” said Heinemann.

Joining Phi Delta Chi prompted Tri to take on the role of president of Pacific’s Pre-Pharmacy Society as an undergraduate pre-pharmacy student, which led her to serve as the Alpha Psi chapter president.

Heinemann, Tri and their fellow fraternity brothers are standing on the shoulders of giants. Scholarships empower the next generation of leaders while honoring those who have come before.

“Scholarships are one of the best ways of honoring their legacy,” said Larimer, president and chief executive officer of the Alpha Psi Education, Scholarship and Leadership Foundation.

Larimer believes Ivan and Helen Rowland would be very pleased with the accomplishments of the School and the Alpha Psi chapter.