Pacific graduate acquires multiple internships during pandemic

Angela Salazar

Career Services supports Angela Salazar ’20 to prepare for life after graduation

Despite the challenges of the pandemic and record-high unemployment, Angela Salazar ’20 was able to get multiple internships after graduation. The Media X and Communication graduate was a victim of a postponed internship with the American Pavilion, however she was able to secure a new internship with Joanne Butcher so she would not waste an opportunity for a hands-on learning experience. 

In her role with Joanne Butcher, a film financial consultant who helps filmmakers in all mediums learn how to make a profit from their projects, Salazar has been helping manage zoom events, which include interviews of former and current clients. She has also been getting experience in marketing and client management service online. 

Salazar is looking at the bright side of the pandemic and the need for social distancing. If this internship did not transition to remote work, she would not have been able to accept it. “I am working from home during this time and I honestly don't mind as my internship opportunity is actually based in San Francisco and I wouldn't have been able to participate without remote work.” 

Originally, she was accepted as an intern for the American Pavilion Student Program for the 2020 Festival De Cannes. Like many events it was canceled, however, the American Pavilion will honor the internship next year. She will travel to Nice, France for two weeks to work, attend Cannes Film Screenings and network with people in different levels of the film industry. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic was unexpected, she believes it is a time to get creative with internship searches. “There are a surprising amount of internship opportunities that allow students to work from home depending on the subject, and it's more important than ever for students to reach out to opportunities that might have not been attainable had remote work not been an option.” If an internship is not an option for you right now, she recommends students and alumni work on their portfolios and resumes to be more marketable to future internship and career opportunities. 

To prepare for graduation, Salazar utilized Pacific’s Career Services to ensure she got the right internships for her. “I did attend career fairs and spoke to advisors many times to work on my resume and cover letters. It was extremely helpful for internship exploration.”