Pacific One Word project encourages introspection, highlights diversity and inclusion

If you could only describe your ideal self in a single word, what would it be?

Pacific One Word project encourages introspection, highlights diversity and inclusion

The One Word Project is a black and white portrait photography program meant to highlight the importance of campus diversity and inclusion and to encourage introspection. Participants are asked to select a single word that represents their ideal selves. They then reflect on why they chose that word in a written response. This response can be as long or as short as the individual desires; it is simply an opportunity to self-reflect. After this, participants pose for their photos. 

The project began in 2008 and, since its inception, garnered more than 3,000 photos of Pacificans, including students, faculty, staff, alumni and regents. After a hiatus, the project was brought back to life in fall 2017 and nearly 700 photos have been added to the collection as of this month.

The One Word Team has selected more than 60 outstanding photos from this past year to create a new installation in the lobby of the DeRosa University Center, which highlights current students, staff, faculty and alumni from all three campuses.

In addition, the team is nearly finished with a complete redesign of the project website to improve functionality and create a more contemporary feel. While the redesigned website has already been launched, the new gallery portion will not be finished until the middle of this semester. You can view the new website at

Better yet, take advantage of One Word photo shoots happening throughout the semester to add your One Word portrait to the gallery. The photo shoot schedule is on the website and each session is posted to the university events calendar