Pacific in the Press | July 24, 2018

Pacific in the Press | July 24, 2018

Quote of the Week

"I want McGeorge to continue to be known as the law school with the sanest faculty in the country - and that after you graduate from here, you'll actually know how to do stuff."  

- Michael Schwartz, Sacramento Business Journal, July 16, 2018

Here are examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

"Oddball Galaxy Puts Dark Matter Theory to the Test," Scientific American", July 18, 2018: Physics' Elisa Toloba was quoted in this article on dark matter and work by a Yale researcher who found unexpected results. Toloba's research, which found different results than that of the Yale researcher, was published in March and discussed in this article. "It was shocking that we're publishing something so similar simultaneously and finding such completely different things," Toloba told Scientific American. "I found that the dark matter content was huge."

"Judge, calm in court, takes hard line on splitting families," The Associated Press, July 22, 2018: McGeorge alumnus Dana Sabraw '85 is the U.S. District Court judge who has become a central figure in court battle to reunify children separated from their parents by the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy on immigration enforcement. He told a newspaper that prejudice against Japanese growing up helped formed his views: "In light of that experience, I was raised with a great awareness of prejudice," he told the North County Times newspaper in 2003. "No doubt, there were times when I was growing up that I felt different, and hurtful things occurred because of my race." The Associated Press story was posted on scores of news websites. McGeorge was also mentioned in a separate Los Angeles Times story on the judge: "The federal judge who took on Trump's family separation policy not afraid to make waves," Los Angeles Times, July 22, 2018.  

"Ed Goldman: Michael Schwartz of McGeorge Law School courts excellence," Sacramento Business Journal, July 16, 2018: A commentary featuring McGeorge's Michael Hunter Schwartz was previewed. "We'll have a very strong class entering McGeorge this fall," he told the Business Journal. Here is the second part of the commentary: "Ed Goldman: Michael Schwartz of McGeorge Law School courts excellence, Part 2," Sacramento Business Journal, July 17, 2018 

"At University of the Pacific, summer camp is spent around a piano or voices raised in chorus," Capital Public Radio News, July 17, 2018: The Conservatory's Steve Perdicaris, celebrating his 20th year as director of Pacific's music camps, and Sonia Leong were interviewed in this story about Pacific's music camps. There were several music camps on the Stockton Campus this summer.  

"Pacific Music Theater Camp," KMAX (CW, Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto), July 17, 2018: The Conservatory's James Haffner was interviewed for this story for "Good Day, Sacramento" about Pacific's Music Theater Camp. It was one of several music camps on the Stockton Campus this summer.

"A brief history of ketchup," The Conversation, July 23, 2018: History's Ken Albala took a look at that all-American — and not so American — condiment, ketchup. "Like so many other products, it became emblematic of American culture: quick, easy, convenient and too sweet but also adaptable to any gastronomic context — and a bit addictive," wrote Albala. "Ketchup became the quick fix that seemed to make any dish perk up instantly, from meatballs to scrambled eggs." The piece appeared on the websites of several other outlets:
"A Brief (But Global) History of Ketchup,", July 24, 2018
"Hoard that Heinz: Trade wars spread to ketchup," Chicago Tribune, July 23, 2018
"Hoard that Heinz: Trade wars spread to ketchup," Hartford Courant, July 23, 2018
"A brief history of ketchup," The Associated Press via WTOP (Washington, D.C.), July 23, 2018

"Pacific to host immigration forum Wednesday," The Record, July 17, 2018: McGeorge's Blake Nordahl was mentioned in this news brief about an immigration information session held on Stockton Campus. Nordahl discussed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, temporary protected status, undocumented immigrants, the immigration ban and "Know Your Rights."