Pre-Dentistry student lands position as a dental assistant

Abha Patkar

Meet Abha Patkar, a Biological Sciences Pre-Dentistry Major ‘21 that landed a dental assistant position thanks to the help from our career advisors. 

During her time at Pacific, Patkar focused on several different research projects that expanded her knowledge in the humanities and biology curricula. Patkar also participated in the CA Civic Action Fellows Program and worked closely with a non-profit organization in Stockton to help serve her community. Patkar says that these opportunities supported her as she grew into a holistic dental professional. “I absolutely loved my experience at Pacific because I met incredible mentors and friends who helped shape my passions,” says Patkar.

Patkar took advantage of our office’s services by attending the Fall 2021 Internship and Career Fair where she was able to build connections with employers and find internship opportunities. She also worked with our team to review her resume and book interview rooms. 

“During my dental interview season, Karina Rodriguez and Alyssa Dezell at Career Services helped me a great deal with booking my interview rooms and also providing emotional support throughout my application cycle,” says Patkar. “Additionally, Career Services thoroughly reviews students' resumes and provides feedback which helped me obtain my dental assistant position.”

“Remember to take advantage of all of the resources available to you at UOP,” says Patkar. “Keep an open mind, pursue whatever you enjoy, and learn from each and every experience.”

Career Services is incredibly proud of Patkar’s accomplishments, and we are especially proud to know our services supported her career growth. We look forward to her future endeavors and hope to continue supporting other students like her.

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