Q&A with ASuop President Randi Holguin

Randi Holguin

Randi Holguin ’21, President of Associated Students of University of the Pacific 

Randi Holguin ’21, who will graduate after spring semester with a degree in business administration, is passionate about her role as president of Associated Students of University of the Pacific (ASuop). Holguin answered questions about a challenging year, social justice and her outlook for the university moving forward in an interview with University Strategic Communications student worker Gabby Sonderegger ’23.

How did the online education in the fall term go for you? What are you hoping to change or continue for this semester?

It actually went better than expected! My professors worked hard to be engaging and positive. I am hoping that the same energy is brought for spring and that the professors’ efforts to make an engaging class prove successful. I am hoping that even with another remote semester we can still stay socially connected to one another and feel supported and understanding to one another.

How have you continued with your ASuop work, personal life, and school activities through the transition to online?

It has been mentally and emotional tough, sometimes physically draining with Zoom fatigue, but we have continued and persevered through it all! Being a leader during a difficult time taught me that a lot of people rely on my enthusiasm and willingness to keep moving forward, which also motivates me to continue doing the best work that I can do. The issues don’t stop because the world has stopped, so we shouldn’t stop either. Now more than ever we must rely on each other for connectedness and leadership, so I try to stay as engaged with my academics, with my friends, family, and peers, as well as have some college fun with extra-curricular and virtual events. Keeping a positive mindset and leaning on my teams, both personal and professional, has enabled me to do all of this good work.

What was ASuop’s best accomplishment during your time at Pacific?

I think ASuop’s greatest accomplishment was creating a department for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Alongside the university’s efforts to instill DEI into our core, we have been able to work hand-in-hand to spread DEI initiatives all over campus, which speaks volumes especially in the Stockton community, with it being one of America's most diverse cities. I will also say the greatest accomplishment tangibly has to be the resilience of our students and faculty during a pandemic. We have managed to get through with grace and success. Although it hasn’t been easy, we have made it work and still stayed connected as a community through it all.

What do you hope ASUOP will grow into after you leave Pacific?

This is a question that aims at my heart, and I love it. I am so sad to leave Pacific, because I feel there is still a lot to be done and see through, but I’m also very ready to move into my next new chapter. I think about this question more often now that I’m in my last semester, and I really hope that Pacific grows to have more school spirit and builds long-lasting traditions. I have hope that Pacific can become strong in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, that every student feels heard and sees themselves represented. Representation matters both in a DEI standpoint and similar, in a Pacific community standpoint.

I feel strongly about building tradition and spirit in these coming years. Pacific students should be proud to represent the orange and black, it speaks volumes to their success and Pacific’s efforts in creating a prepared and well-rounded student, that ultimately gets to represent Pacific and their colors after they leave this campus.

What aspect of learning at Pacific has been most valuable to you? 

Learning from the people here at Pacific, hands down. I learned a lot in my classes don’t get me wrong, but I have learned a vast amount from the faculty (especially the female faculty), the administration, the staff, regents, the students, and everyone in between. The networking connections and real-world projects I was assigned in the business school have given me so much hands-on experience, knowledge, and wisdom that I am truly grateful for!

What are you planning to do after you graduate? What are you most looking forward to after you leave Pacific?

I am planning on working, hopefully in an awesome company where I am valued and respected. I honestly look forward to becoming a Pacific and CIP (Community Involvement Program) alum and joining CIPAC and the Pacific Alumni Association. I can’t wait to come back to Pacific and create change on the other side in a new role, as a Pacific alum, helping students and the university reach their goals in any way I can. More personally, I also can’t wait to travel after it is safe to do so. I miss people and seeing new things.

What message or advice do you have for students continuing at Pacific next year?

Take advantage of every community building event and activity as much as possible, get involved and put yourself out there. Connecting with people and having fun has so much to offer you, and could open so many doors. Although it may be a little uncomfortable, that is where true growth happens. We were deprived of that unwillingly during the pandemic, so willingly go out there and enjoy all Pacific has to offer!