Runner-Up Teacher of the Year leads by example

A willingness to go the extra mile is the mindset that Myo-Kyoung Kim, PharmD, EdD, BCPS, APh, associate professor of pharmacy practice, models for her doctor of pharmacy students. She takes the time to help students understand complex concepts and, in turn, she expects them to go above and beyond when caring for their patients. Her goal is to inspire students to become “resourceful and empathetic pharmacists, both as clinicians and researchers.”

Her dedication to student success earned Dr. Kim the Class of 2024 Runner-Up Teacher of the Year.

Myo-Kyoung Kim, PharmD, EdD, BCPS, APh, associate professor

“Receiving this award is very meaningful,” said Dr. Kim. “I view it as a warm gesture of courtesy and encouragement from my students, who urge me to dedicate myself even more passionately to their education. I am deeply thankful for this recognition and for the opportunity to continue working closely with my students.”

She is passionate about engaging directly with students and fostering a dynamic learning environment.

“I really enjoy bouncing around out-of-the-box questions and answers,” she said. “This not only stretches my mind but sometimes twists it into pretzels, helping me see problems and situations from angles I hadn’t even considered.”

Dr. Kim’s areas of interest led her to complete two fellowships: a fellowship in infectious diseases at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, and a fellowship in clinical pharmacology at Seoul National University Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea.

“Dr. Myo Kyoung Kim is a faculty with strong student support and is very passionate about her field,” said Amanda Lee ’24, PharmD. “She taught two of the most difficult classes, oncology and infectious disease, and she is very responsible and flexible with the students’ learning.”

Just as she enjoys watching her students grow in confidence, Dr. Kim has grown as a mentor since her first day at Pacific in 2003.

“I was like a freshly brewed intern with too much caffeine—nervous, a bit jittery and loaded with theoretical knowledge, all wrapped up in a distinct Korean accent,” Dr. Kim said. “Fast forward to today, and you will find that my teaching style has steeped over time, gaining flavor and confidence. I’ve learned to blend theoretical foundations with practical, real-world applications.”