Slate of Incoming Pacific Alumni Association Board of Directors

The following individuals were nominated by the Pacific Alumni Association Selection Committee and endorsed by the Pacific Alumni Association Board of Directors on February 21, 2024. The approved slate of directors and officers will be confirmed at the Pacific Alumni Association Annual Meeting by announcement of the Association’s President unless an election is required.  The Pacific Alumni Association Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2024, at the University of the Pacific’s Stockton campus (3601 Pacific Avenue).  Candidates are not required to attend the Annual Meeting.

President Joshua Foster `08 COP
President-Elect Pamela Gibbs `92 COP
Immediate Past President Allan Hardcastle `77 COP, `79 LAW
Vice President Barry Harper `66 BUS
Vice President Greg Aghazarian `93 LAW
Vice President Jillian Hall `13 PHS
Vice President Leah Myers `10, `13 COP
Vice President Heidi Gleason-Doyle `78 BUS
Vice President Fabian Morales Medina `04 EDU
Class of 2025
Board of Director Brian Biedermann `04 EDU
Board of Director Brad LeDu `77 COP, `79 LAW
Board of Director Caryn Lockhart `09 EDU
Board of Director Greg Blueford `11 COP
Board of Director Kuy Ky `92 COP
Board of Director Saumirah McWoodson `09,`13 COP
Class of 2026
Board of Director Nevin Eberhardt-Sanstrom `12 BUS
Board of Director Grant Kirkpatrick `19 COP
Board of Director Michael Krieger `09 BUS
Board of Director Jorge Ramirez `13 ENG
Board of Director Bryce McLaughlin `11 MUS
Class of 2027
Board of Director Neel Singh `12 COP
Board of Director Francesca DeMello `85 COP
Board of Director Anthony Shafer `97 ENG
Board of Director Karen Nakamura `77 BUS
Board of Director Russell Marzette Jr. `00 ENG
Board of Director Tricia Christensen `98 `99 BUS
Board of Director Roberta Wallinger `64 COP
Board of Director Anthony Young `12 BUS
Board of Director Raquel Ravaglioio `13, `14 MUS
Board of Director Hannah White Dobbs `19 COP
Pursuant to Article VII of the Pacific Alumni Association Bylaws, anyone wishing to run for office (and thereby contest the slate) must file a petition with the Association no later than 5:00 pm (PST) on March 20, 2024.  The Association’s Bylaws and Election Code are available upon request.