Stay on the Forefront of Dentistry with Virtual Continuing Dental Education Courses this Fall

University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry’s Division of Continuing Dental Education (CDE) has a variety of live, interactive webinars available this fall. Led by world-class experts, these CE programs allow for distance learning from any location in the country. The catalog is available as a downloadable PDF here. Learn more and register online today at

Live Webinar: Bone Grafting, Ridge Preservation and Ridge-Split Procedures for General Practitioners

Speaker: Len Tolstunov, DDS, DMD 

Oct. 10, 2020

In this comprehensive lecture for general dentists, you will learn the techniques of socket bone grafting (SBG)/ridge preservation as well as other approaches in implant-driven bone augmentation.
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Live Webinar: Evidence-based Implant Treatment Planning for Partially and Completely Edentulous Patients

Speaker: Steven Sadowsky, DDS

Oct. 17, 2020

A survey of dental practitioners has revealed that the number one concern in implant dentistry is appropriate treatment planning. This lecture will teach you how to apply best available evidence to implant treatment planning decision-making.
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Live Webinar: The Dental Professional's Role in the Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Speakers: Jamison Spencer, DMD, MS; Cameron Kuehne, DMD, MS; Eugene T. Santucci, DDS, MA

Oct. 17, 2020

This interactive webinar will include the basics of normal sleep patterns, snoring and sleep apnea in adults and in children, co-morbidities and consequences of sleep apnea and the dental professionals’ role in screening, referral and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.
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Live Webinar: Minimally Invasive Dentistry in the Age of COVID-19

Speaker: Douglas A. Young, DDS, EdD, MBA, MS

Oct. 24, 2020

The current COVID-19 crisis has brought attention to the dangers of aerosols and changed dentistry forever. Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) and minimally invasive dentistry have been around for decades, yet many are still searching for simple protocols that work.
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Live Webinar: Function, Parafunction and What the Function-Forces that Threaten Our Success

Speaker: Michael J. Melkers, DDS

Oct. 31, 2020

Treatment planning and occlusion seem to get relegated and put on hold for those ‘special’ cases and perfect patients. In this program, Dr. Melkers will explore and discuss the application of communication, treatment planning and occlusion in everyday dentistry and beyond. 

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Live Webinar: Root Canal Treatment or Dental Implant?

Speaker: Mahmoud Torabinejad, DMD, MSD, PhD

Nov. 7, 2020

Advances in implant dentistry have had a significant effect on treatment planning in dentistry. Retention or removal of teeth should be based on thorough knowledge related to risk factors affecting the long-term prognosis of procedures performed. The purpose of this presentation is to discuss factors involved in decision-making regarding the selection of options following failure of root canal treatment or dental implants. 
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Live Webinar: Dental Hygiene Symposium 

Speakers: Barry Taylor, DMD; Judy Bendit, RDH, MS

Nov. 14, 2020

Join us for the annual Dental Hygiene Symposium with Barry Taylor, DMD, presenting Green Dentistry: Cannabis and Oral Health and Judy Bendit, RDH, MS, discussing The Myths, Legends and Realities of OTC Products.
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Live Webinar: Management of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Speaker: Andy Ashtiani, DDS, MS

Nov. 21, 2020

An emergency is a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. Medical emergencies can and do occur in the dental office. This course will identify common dental emergencies and how to prepare, prevent and manage those emergencies. Dr. Ashtiani will guide you through the methods and resources to save a patient’s life and will review algorithms to methodically manage multiple scenarios.
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