Housing in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Dugoni School of Dentistry's Office of Student Services is here to help you find a safe, comfortable place to live during your studies here. In order to assist you in your search for accommodations, we have compiled various information on housing in San Francisco, as well as tips on how and when to begin your search. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Services at oss@pacific.edu.

Popular apartment buildings

Our Student Services Office has compiled a list of the popular apartment buildings where most of our current students live. Many apartment buildings have long waiting lists. Don't be discouraged. If they will take your name, give it to them. Being number 100 on a list doesn't necessarily mean that there are actually 100 people ahead of you. Many people have already found a place to live, moved out of the area, or are no longer interested in the apartment. We are also located close to BART's Powell Street Station. Learn more about apartments located within a 15-minute walk of a Bart station by going to Rent Near BART.

San Francisco buildings

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the information or links posted on our housing pages, nor do we accept listings as an advertising feature. We cannot be held responsible for any services or agreements you may enter through the information listed on this site. The information provided is solely for your convenience.

923 Folsom Street Apartments
923 Folsom Street
San Francisco

Academe at 198
198 McAllister St.
San Francisco

The George
434 Minna St.
San Francisco

Mosso Apartments
900 Folsom Street
San Francisco

1028 Market Street
San Francisco

SOMA at 788
788 Harrison Street
San Francisco

SOMA Residences
1045 Mission Street
San Francisco

SOMA Square Apartments
1 St. Francis Place
San Francisco

1190 Mission at Trinity Place
1190 Mission Street
San Francisco

Artistry Emeryville Apartments
6401 Shellmound Street

Avenue 64 Apartment Homes 
6399 Christie Avenue

Berkeley Apartments - Fine Arts
2110 Haste Street

The Dorms at Woodminister Terrace
3500 Mountain Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94619

Emme Apartment Homes                         
6350 Christie Avenue

South City Station Apartments
101 McLellan Drive South
San Francisco

88 Hillside Apartments
6543 Mission Blvd.
Daly City

Serramonte Ridge Apartments
862 Campus Drive
Daly City

La Terrazza Apartments
7800 El Camino Real

Disclaimer: University of the Pacific provides information regarding housing in the San Francisco area for your convenience only. The university makes no representation as to the condition or suitability of any of the listed resources or establishments, nor does it assume responsibility for their condition or reliability, or for any agreements you enter into with them.

Night view of Bay Bridge
Bay Area neighborhoods and maps

San Francisco's greater Bay Area contains a variety of different towns and neighborhoods. The Dugoni School's campus is located in the South of Market (SOMA) district.

Before your search

Prior to searching for a place to live, you may want to consider the following factors.

  • Safety: Will you feel safe enough walking around the neighborhood at night?
  • Parking and Transportation: Is street parking easily accessible or nearby garage available? If taking public transportation, how far will you need to walk?
  • Food and Restaurants: Are there nearby grocery stores and restaurants?


It is a good idea to learn and prepare yourself when you find a desired location(s).

  • Renter's Resume: Have a resume ready to help the landlord with all the necessary information and maximize your chances. Add a photo to help the landlords remember you while making a decision. Sample renter's resume (PDF)
  • Credit Report: It may be in your best interest to have a credit report available to present to a perspective landlord. Once you receive your credit report, make sure that all of the information is correct. By federal law, you are entitled to one free credit report from each of three major credit bureaus each year. For more information on free credit reports, go to Federal Trade Commission - Free Credit Reports or Annual Credit Report.

    Below is a list of credit agencies that are readily available to fit your needs.


    Equifax Options

    Trans Union

  • Rent: Consider your expense budget when looking for housing.
  • Shared Housing: We recommend finding a roommate(s) to keep costs down. A Facebook group, SF Campus — Housing & Roommate Search, has been created for our students to communicate with one another to find a potential roommate(s). Please request to be added to the group and an administrator will approve it.
  • Rental Scams: Beware of rental scams for housing. For tips to avoid these scams, please visit the Federal Trade Commission — Rental Listing Scams

Before you begin your search for housing, you may want to familiarize yourself with some of the terminology and abbreviations used by landlords when posting an apartment for rent.

Flat: An entire floor in a building with its own entrance

Jr. One-Bedroom Apartment: Studio apartment with a sleeping alcove

Studio Apartment: A three-room unit consisting of a combined living room and bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom

Garden or In-law Apartment: A small one-bedroom unit, usually located at or below the ground floor of a small apartment building or single-family home

Efficiency, EF or EFFNCY: Smaller than a studio; kitchen is very small or part of the combined living area

Personal Descriptors: In shared situations, a roommate may include a self-description including a combination of the following letters: A=Asian; B=black; Bi=bisexual; F=female; G=gay; J=Jewish; L=latino/latina; M=male; P=professional; W=white

LFT: Loft; an apartment in a converted warehouse or factory; usually one large room

Sublet: A unit rented by a tenant to another party; the agreement is made with the lease holder rather than the actual landlord

F/LMR: First and last month's rent

DD or DAM DEP: Damage deposit

SEC: Security deposit

AEK: All-electric kitchen

Housing Search Tips

San Francisco's housing search can be competitive. Here are some to tips to follow when you are ready to view properties:

  • Due to the rental market in San Francisco, landlords usually require immediate occupancy. Start looking early and give yourself 3-6 weeks to find housing.
  • Rental Listing Services: Browse online listing services (we've listed some on this page) to find the most up-to-date listings. For a fee, you can contact property management to search for housing to fit your needs.
  • Look for "Vacancy" or "For Rent" signs in windows and in front of apartments in the area. Many owners advertise onsite so be sure to bring your cell phone.
  • Ask questions when speaking to a landlord over the phone or at an open house. For important questions to ask a landlord, please visit Top Questions to Ask When Looking to Rent an Apartment.
  • Bring your checkbook. If you like what you see, it will help to be the first to offer the landlord a holding deposit, as most landlords are not inclined to "hold" rentals to tenants. Be prepared to pay "one month" rent as a holding deposit.

There are several rental agencies and online listing services. The online services will allow users to browse the most up-to-date housing listings without having to be in the Bay Area. You will be able to search neighborhoods to find accommodations to meet your personal price range and preferences. Most rental agencies will charge a fee for their services. Many landlords use such agencies. Property management companies either own rental property or manage property for owners. They usually do not charge a fee.

Online Listing Services



Latitude 38 Group

College Student Apartments


Pad Mapper



Rent Cafe




Universal Student Housing

June Homes

Extended Stay Housing

Columbus Residence


Rental/Service Agencies

American Marketing Systems Inc. (AMSI)

She Moves You Rental Concierge

Property Managers

Trinity Management Services

Azari Property Management

Chandler Properties

West Coast Property Management

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the information or links posted on our housing pages. We cannot be held responsible for any services or agreements you may enter through the information listed on this site. The information provided is solely for your convenience.

Before Moving In

  • Inspection: It is important to do an inspection of the apartment with your landlord. The Apartment Inspection Checklist (PDF) will guide you in this process.
  • Utilities: Ask your landlord if you need to arrange for any utility installation or name changes on the utility accounts. To contact service and utility providers, refer to the list below under Internet Service Providers and Public Utilities.
  • Tenant Rights: Know your rights as a tenant. Use the California Tenant Guide as your reference.

Moving and Storage Services

Furniture Rental

Internet Service Providers

Public Utilities

Parking and Transportation

Note: We do not endorse any of the information or links posted on this page. We cannot be held responsible for any services or agreements you may enter through the information listed on this site. The information provided is solely for your convenience.