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Evaluation of Military

Credit recommended in the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category will be allowed in appropriate areas providing that the coursework was completed prior to reaching 70 transferable units from other institutions-it will be treated in the same manner as coursework from a community institution.

Credit recommended in the upper division baccalaureate category will be accepted for either course content or course credit depending on unit limit restrictions.

A maximum of two units in courses such as drill and marksmanship taken as part of an ROTC program at an accredited college are accepted as ACTY (activity) courses. Fifteen additional units of ROTC or military science courses will be accepted if taken from an accredited college.

Official documentation of completion of a military course will be required before giving credit for military course work. Documents that can be used are: ACE SMART or AARTS transcripts.

For the full text of Pacific's "Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy" please click here.