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Graduate Transfer Credit Policy

Coursework completed at regionally accredited institutions after the baccalaureate degree can be evaluated for transfer credit work with the following restrictions:

  • Up to nine (9) semester units can be transferred at the Master's level and up to 12 semester units at the doctoral level.
  • Only courses that qualify for graduate or first-professional credit by the transferring institution can be transferred.
  • Only courses in which a grade of B or better are eligible for consideration of transfer credit.  Some departments set higher standards and there are identified by individual program catalog sections.
  • Extension courses do not qualify for transfer credit with the exception of university-approved transfer agreements.

Grade points earned in those courses are not counted in the student's Pacific grade point average.  This process is initiated using the Degree Requirement Adjustment Form and must be approved by the Director of the Graduate Program and the Office of the Registrar.

Some programs may have more restrictive transfer credit policies.