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Transfer Credit Limitations

Pacific does not recognize non-collegiate level courses that are clearly intended to be a review of secondary material which schools often designate as remedial or developmental. (i.e. Reading, Intro to Writing, Elementary Algebra) However, you may receive credit for College Writing (WRIT 021) and Intermediate Algebra (MATH 005) courses if you were granted credit at the originating institution. See ROAR

Included in the category above are selected "orientation" and "skill building" courses (e.g. navigation, speed reading, food preparation, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, guidance, personal development, intro to college, etc.)

Pacific does not recognize or grant credit for courses in areas which differ significantly from those offered at Pacific or courses that are technical or vocational in nature (e.g. office skills, electronics, apprenticeship programs, fashion designing, forestry, dental assisting, medical assisting, etc).

For the full text of Pacific's "Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy" please click here.