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Transferable Grades

Beginning Fall '06 a grade of "C" or above will transfer to Pacific. No units will be awarded and no degree requirements will be fulfilled for courses that do not meet this minimum. These courses will not satisfy any degree requirements.

Only units are transferable; grades are not transferred nor are they calculated into the Pacific cumulative or major GPA. For admissions purposes only, your transfer GPA will be calculated using all grades. Note: courses are accepted in chronological order, oldest courses first.

The Grade Point Average (GPA) that is calculated for graduation purposes consists of all grades earned at Pacific. Neither external credit nor transfer credit will be used in this calculation or appear on the Pacific transcript.

Audits also fall under this category. University transfer credit is not awarded for coursework that was only audited at the originating institution; these courses are not calculated into the admission or graduation GPA.

You may only receive credit once for a course taken. If a course is transferred and then repeated at Pacific only the units for the transfer course will be awarded. The Pacific course will bear no units or GPA value. If a course is taken at Pacific and then repeated at a transfer institution only the units and grade for the Pacific course will count. A GPA thus cannot be improved by taking courses outside of Pacific.

For the full text of Pacific's "Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy" please click here.