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Transferable Units

University of The Pacific allows students to transfer coursework from other colleges and universities, counting toward a Pacific degree.

UNIT LIMITS: Units are granted in chronological order of when courses were taken, oldest courses first.

2 Year Institutions: Once 70 units are accumulated from all schools including Pacific and approved testing programs, additional community college courses will satisfy course content requirements only and will not apply to the minimum units required for graduation.

4 Year Institutions: Once a student has reached 40 units fewer than what is required for his/her degree, only 8 more units will be accepted from a four-year institution. The only exception to this rule is for students studying for one or more terms in an approved education abroad program.

Additional community college or four-year institution courses will satisfy content requirements only and will not apply to the total units required for graduation. Satisfaction of content requirements means that the Pacific requirement will be met upon successful completion of the transfer course even though units will not transfer.

Note: Course content is the satisfaction of a Pacific requirement without the transfer of units. Courses transferred with course content only do not need to be repeated since they may fulfill a requirement.

CONTENT OF COURSES: In interpreting transfer credit, University of the Pacific generally accepts comparable courses which are of the same quality as courses offered on this campus. Generally, courses completed at four-year accredited colleges and universities will transfer.

QUARTER SYSTEM CONVERSION: Courses completed in a quarter hour system will be converted to semester hours, therefore reducing the total hours accepted by one-third (hours, credits, units). The minimum units required fulfilling a Pacific course and/or GE credit transferred from a quarter school is 2.668. The minimum units required fulfilling a Pacific course and/or GE transferred from a semester school is 3.0.

For the full text of Pacific's "Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy" please click here.