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Central Scheduling of Academic Facilities Policy

FROM: Philip N. Gilberston, Provost
DATE: January 30, 2002

The University has been improving its academic facilities in recent years, including the construction of new facilities, renovation of academic classroom buildings, the installation of new technologies and smart classrooms, and a variety of deferred maintenance projects. As we anticipate further new construction and other projects, we must be confident that we have a good understanding of the needs of a diverse academic community and the various teaching and learning styles within it. We must also ensure that we are using our current and new facilities in ways that maximize our ability to meet these needs. For these reasons, we are implementing central scheduling of classes by the Registrar, effective immediately, for the Summer and Fall 2002 terms. The Council of Deans approved protocols for central scheduling last year to assure that unit concerns are addressed. As part of this project, the Registrar will also oversee an inventory of all academic facilities. The inventory will improve our ability to schedule facilities to meet faculty needs for classrooms and other learning spaces. 

Central scheduling will result in a higher level of efficiency in the use of academic facilities and permit more accurate assessment of the need for new classrooms in the future. It is critical that academic departments work collaboratively with the Registrar as the schedule for each academic term is developed. The Registrar is ultimately authorized to assign classroom spaces and to resolve competing needs of different units. Proposed schedules submitted by academic units to the Registrar will continue to be the core around which central scheduling performed. As enrollment grows and new facilities are developed, changes in scheduling will be made that may affect various units but have overall benefits, When changes to unit proposals are needed, the Registrar will notify affected departments and seek a resolution that best meets all needs, taking into account discipline-specific and other pedagogical or educational concerns. Questions regarding central scheduling of classes may be addressed to the Registrar at x62135.

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