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Advisor Registration Access Holds -- How to Release

Students must meet with their primary advisor to have the 'Registration Hold' released in order to register online via insidePacific. All registration appointments will be available online beginning with the start of advising each semester.

(For Faculty) To release a student's 'Registration Hold':

  1. The primary faculty advisor must log-in to insidePacific.


    insidePacific Accounts - Portal accounts are disabled after 120 days (4 months) of inactivity. You must visit the Customer Support Center on campus in person with photo ID to re-enable your account.

    insidePacific Passwords - Portal passwords expire after 180 days (6 months). Use the link on the log-in page of insidePacific to reset your password.

    Advisors can also request a hard-copy of Registration Access codes for all their advisees.

  2. Choose the Academic tab.
  3. Select Academic Services.
  4. Select Faculty.
  5. Select Advisor Menu.
  6. Select Release Advisor Registration Access Holds.
  7. Select Advising Term, Advisee List Type and click the Submit button.
  8. The entire list is displayed.
  9. Click in the box next to id/name to select the hold to be released.
  10. Click the Submit Release Selected Holds button to update.

How will students and primary advisors know of this new process?

Colleges and schools are responsible for informing students of this new process through flyers or class announcements.

What about students not on campus (Co-op, internships, etc.)

The student must call or email their primary advisor to release this advisor 'Registration Access Hold'.

What if the primary advisor is out of town?

In most cases the department chair will serve as the back-up faculty advisor to secure an access code. For Conservatory, School of Business, or School of International Studies check with your Dean's office or Academic Affairs office.

What if the student has financial holds?

Despite meeting with a faculty advisor and having the 'Registration Hold' released, a student cannot register for courses until all financial holds are cleared.

Can the Office of the Registrar release a 'Registration Access Hold' ?

No. Only the primary advisor and department chairs have access to faculty information via insidePacific.

What if the student does not show up on the student listing?

Ask the student if they have filed a change of program (Major/Advisor)form with the Office of the Registrar. If not, send the student to the Office of the Registrar. Forms take 3 – 5 working days to process.

If the student has senior standing and has declared intentions to graduate at the end of the current semester they have been pulled from the registration cohort as their intent to graduate implies they will not be returning. If this has changed the student must inform the Office of the Registrar to have their status re-activated.